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Sunday Weigh-In January 6, 2019

Good morning... Well, here we are with the first Sunday of the new year.  Our weather has been really nice for January, but it's starting to cool off now, which is kind of normal for us.  It's sunny today, but I don't think it's going to be real warm.

This week has been kind of frustrating and kind of exciting, both... I did go see my cardiologist on Wed about the venous reflux in my legs.  It's bad enough that he wants to do ablation on my veins to reroute the blood to improve my circulation.  Making a long story short, the doctor said we could do one leg first to see how it goes, then do the other leg, but when I got to the scheduling desk the girl scheduled them to be done intertwined... When I questioned her, she got snippy and since there was someone else waiting behind me I didn't argue, thinking I could call and question it later - my bad!!  

Anyway, that evening, I got a call from our son who lives out of state saying that he, his wife and her son, are coming to visit in Feb... WooHoo, we haven't seen them for 3 years - how exciting is that??   To make it even more exciting, our DIL has just finished taking courses to get her Master's Degree in Accounting and the reason for their visit is the commencement exercise to actually receive her degree so that means we get to go to the event with them.  My heart sank, though as we talked because it turns out that they are coming right during the time I was to have the procedures done on my legs... No big deal, I'll just change the dates for the last 2 procedure because I'll already have the first 2 done by the time they get here... Easy, right???

Not so fast and not so easy!!  On Friday, when I called to change those 2 appointments and specify that I want to get one leg done before we start the second leg, I had to speak with the same person who got irate with me when I originally scheduled the appointments (apparently, she's the only one who can schedule these appointments).  Anyway, she immediately went off the deep end, telling me that if I change any of the appointments I have to change all of them, because they have to do scans at each appointment to make sure everything is going right and the procedures (2 on each leg) all have to be done within a week because they can only do so many scans... hmmm I can sort of understand that, but nobody bothered to told me that.  Then she went off on me about how the doctor doesn't like to do one leg back to back the way I wanted to do it and I told her that the doctor said we could do that so why did he tell me it was okay if he didn't like to do that?  That seemed to make her even more irate.  Anyway, she first told me that if I rescheduled, it would have to be put out to the end of Feb, instead of the end of Jan like we originally had it and by the time the conversation was done, the more I stood my ground the more irate she got, the further out she moved it so by the time we were done talking, she had it moved out to the end of March, then she said she'd actually have to call me back with dates.  It sounds like they might only do these things at the end of the month, but I'm not sure...

She did not call me back on Friday with dates, so I'm assuming she believes she's "punishing" me... I've done some research and I know there are other facilities in my area that do the same/similar procedures, so I've decided that I will give her Monday to call me and if she doesn't call me on Monday or if she does call with the same attitude she had on Friday, I'll simply tell her that I'm sorry she's so irritated with me; in view of that, I'm aware that there are other facilities that do the same type of procedures so I'll just go elsewhere to get mine done.  That way she won't have to waste her time dealing with me and it will save us both a lot of frustration and stress. Both doctors and office staff need to be open and upfront about expectations and what's going to happen when these things take place... It's not like I've been a difficult patient the whole time I've been there (2-3 yrs) and I can't believe I'm the first person to ever have to change one of these appointments.

Anyway, that's that... I'm sorry that turned into such a big deal.  I won't be getting procedures done at the end of January as I'd hoped so I'll have to deal with the symptoms (swelling/edema, severe cramps, weakness, etc) longer than I'd want to, but it is what it is.  Maybe if I go elsewhere, I'll end up with a better job done - who knows??

So, part of this whole issue with my legs has to do with weight and I know, without a doubt that I have to lose some, so I do have to keep working at it.  This particular doctor does know that my thyroid is involved, which is helpful, but hey - I can train someone else, just as easily... lol  

So, weight-wise, I am down 0.8 lbs, so that's something and it's going the right direction for the first time since Thanksgiving so I'm happy with that.  

Walking/exercise is another big part of this whole thing and thank goodness, my winter walking partner will be back from OR on Tues afternoon, so we'll start walking again.  It's going to take me a while to get back in the groove and the problem with my veins does cause a lot of weakness in my legs which the procedures are supposed to alleviate, so I'll have to contend with that but at least I'll be on the move again more than I have been...

Those are my pluses for this week... how have you done?  I hope your week hasn't been as frustrating as mine, but let's hear it.  I hope it's been a good one!!

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I'm up about .6 or .7 of a pound. Barb, we've got to stop tossing that partial pound back and forth across the country. I'm not too worried, it's been the holidays. I ate an entire Dungeness crab for breakfast two days ago.

All is otherwise pretty well, we had an OK holiday except for one downer on Christmas night when our son decided he hated his main present [selected by himself] and this meant Christmas was the worst ever. But Daddy took him to the place he likes best a couple of days later, and they got a great deal on something else, and all is better.

Alas, though. Hated middle school begins again tomorrow. Our son woke up in moans and tears about it today, saying he was "scared." Husband and I have pretty much had it, and have decided we'll for sure move to be within the next-over middle school's boundary area so our son can change schools. We've looked for a house to buy, but haven't found one worth the hassle and uncertainty. The stock market's drop at the same time reduced the resources we would have had to throw in on getting a house that's more appealing than the little one we're in now (which we like), such that its attractiveness might overcome our hesitation. But the good thing about a dropping stock market is that it's a great time to buy favored stocks. And there are several almost new, really nice and quite large houses for rent in the new middle-school district. This finally led us to the (in retrospect, obvious) conclusion that we could sell our little house and put the money into stocks, rather than another house. Not having to buy has the appeal of simplicity and speed -- we could sign a lease today. And in a way it's safer, since if our son hates the new school as well, we wouldn't be stuck with a house to sell; he would only have to put up with it for the term of the lease. We think stocks have longer-term promise of going up further than real estate does anyway -- overall, the stock market does outperform the housing market by quite a few percentage points. (And besides, it's our president's guarantor. If he doesn't keep the fat cats with deep pockets happy by keeping stocks high, there goes his most important support.) But somehow, working all this out took a while, and confusion and stress, and many holiday sweets. It's a good thing the rental houses available are so fancy, or I would have just kept eating, in my high-centered state.

LOL... Hmmm, maybe we could toss that partial pound off toward the midwest or something instead of at each other so it will get lost forever...  :-)  Unfortunately, I've got more than just a partial pound to lose since I've gained several pounds since Thanksgiving and they seem to be clinging stubbornly.

It certainly sounds like you and husband have things figured out for moving out of the current school district.  It does make sense to rent for a while in case your son doesn't like the new district any better than he likes the current one, although I have to wonder how many times I'd be willing to move in order to change schools.   Of course, that's up to you and your husband and would certainly depend on the problems the child is having.  

Your school system must work a lot different from ours.  Our particular district has 66 facilities (at least that's what they had when I worked there; there are more now).  There were 40+ elementary schools, several middle schools, several high schools, etc... If a child (or parent) didn't like the school the child was assigned to, which was typically the one closest to their home, they could opt to go to a different school.  The only thing was that instead of being eligible to ride a bus, etc, the parents were responsible for getting the child to/from school.  This made it possible for children to go to different schools without families having to pack up and move all the time.

Anyway, I'm glad the stock markets tanked for you (lol) so you could get your next move figured out.  I'm glad there seems to be rental homes available so you might be able to get moved relatively soon in order to make your son happier, which should help calm everyone.  

Fortunately, the holidays are over so you won't have those sweets to contend with anymore, so please don't toss that partial pound back to me; I'm doing my best not to catch it... lol
What you describe (that a child could opt to go to a different school, especially within the district) does also apply here. It's even possible to transfer to a school that is out of the district entirely if the out-of-district school offers something the local school doesn't (and if the parent is willing to do all that driving). But if the desired school is full, they are allowed to turn kids away. The school we were thinking of moving our son to is not just full but full-cram-packin' full, because it's so well thought of, and the first thing out of their mouth when you call to ask a question about the mechanics of transferring is that they are not taking any transfers.  (Ironically, if our house were four blocks north, we would be in that school's attendance area and they could not refuse.) Anyway, that's their way of getting around everyone in the local area trying to bring their kid to their overcrowded school. (My son's present middle school has 950 students, and the one we're aiming for has 1050. I shudder to think what it will be next year, a lot of new housing is going in.) The desired school just has a better reputation, as a kinder, gentler place, and frankly after three months of nighttime crying and freaking out, anything is better than where he is.
Why do you pick the "Midwest" to throw your weight around?!!!  lol
950 students in Middle school??  Is it 5th-8th grade?  Holy buckets that is alot of kids.
6th, 7th, and 8th. I am sure that is part of why it is so difficult.
I remember my grandma(a school teacher for 40 plus yrs) talking about middle school.  She said it was like a wild roller coaster ride.   So many groups of kids trying to figure out who they were and there were so many highs, lows and sharp curves.  She said the kids were brutal to each other as they were trying to find out where they fit in.  She said there was so many hormones in the air!  

Tough age to be in.
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Sarah - I thought we could toss the extra weight to the midwest because nobody from there was posting so it wouldn't hurt anyone there... If you're back to post with us, we'll try to send it out of MN... lol

We had a couple of middle schools in our county approaching 1500 students before they built a couple new schools.  Your grandma was right about what a tough age group that is because they're coming out the "childhood" stage but aren't yet into the adult stage.  They're confused and scared and excited all at once.  For a lot of them, it seems that middle school sets the stage for what happens for a long time to come.

I liked it better when I was in school - we stayed in elementary school until we graduated from the 8th grade, then we went straight into high school, with no middle ground.

Yes i am back so kindly take your extra weight elsewhere!!  lol

I am just grateful i dont have kids in school anymore.  It isnt like it used to be.  I feel for Annie and family.
Welcome back... how about we send that extra weight to Kansas?  lol

Yeah, I feel for Annie and family too; those things aren't fun to deal with; at least it sounds like there are options, so hopefully, it will get resolved soon.
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