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Sunday Weigh-In July 1, 2018

Good morning... Wow - here we are into a new month already...Is this year going fast or am I just going slow?  It doesn't seem like it should be July already.

There hasn't been a lot going on in my world this past week.  We worked on a landscaping project that I've wanted to get done...It involved digging out some plants, hauling river rock and spreading it out over a large area, moving stepping stones and resetting them, etc.  It was quite a job, but I think the hardest part was getting started.  It's one I've been wanting to get done for quite some time but every time I mentioned it, my husband had a thousand other things he thought were more important to do... you know how those things go. I finally just started it on my own and he came to help...  

Anyway, it was pretty hard work to be doing in our Florida heat (well into the 90's) and we had to pace ourselves, but it's pretty much done, though I think we're going to need one more small load of rocks - did you know that 1" river rocks are heavy?? LOL   One project begets another so as long as we were at it, we put a load of lime rock in the driveway, so that's a job well done, also.  :-)

Anyway, once that was done, it was time to "play" a little so we went for a drive around our fair state.  One day we ended up at a place called Weeki Wachee Springs - anyone ever heard of the mermaid shows they have there?  We'd actually thought those had been shut down, but nope, they're still going strong.  Of course, it did get shut down that day because, of course, they take place in the water and a thunderstorm rumbled through, so it had to be shut down for safety reasons.  I guess we could have stayed for the next show to see the rest of it, but we had a 2-hr drive home, so we left.  

Last week, I was fighting bloat and swelling and that hasn't changed... all the riding we did didn't help that, either as sitting in one place isn't good... I'm still having trouble with swelling in my feet and ankles.  I'm not sure what that's all about but because of it, my weight has stayed in the same neighborhood it was in last week.  I'm actually up 0.4 lbs from last week but by the time we get into the day, I might be down a few tenths or I could be up by a couple pounds, depending on whether I can eliminate some swelling or I take on more...

So - that's me - what's your story?  I think the whole country (or most of it) has been socked in heat...

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Hi, I'm away from our usual home, where I weigh in on Sundays. I tried the old, rusty scale here and can sort of tell what it says, and it looks like not much change, but it would be better to go to my precise one with the decimal tenth after the number and all. I don't trust it entirely but it's the one I've been weighing on the whole time, and the whole point is knowing the amount of change, not being able to swear that the actual number is God's honest truth. So I'll probably have to weigh in tomorrow.

Did you see that the June 24 weigh-in with all its talk about sneaking around with Dr. Pepper attracted a spammer offering to help my husband get evidence of my cheating with the Doctor? I thought that was great! Almost wrote an entreaty to the spammer asking for more information, except I figured Barb would knock the spam out of the thread soon enough. It's so funny that if it were not likely to go off the rails, I'd be writing to the guy for more information.

One time I came across a site where people post "fails," in this case the topic was "facial-recognition software fails." People using facial-recognition software to scan their photos (to label the people in the photos for retrieval later, "give me all photos of Barb" for example) clearly got a kick out of it when the software would ask something ridiculous, like circle a place where a landscape feature looks accidentally a little like a face, and prompt the user to tell what name to put on it. My fave was one where the software, looking at a photo of a family group standing on the porch at Halloween, circled the jack-o-lantern and wanted to know what name to give it. This spammer's stuff had about as much understanding of what we were talking about, and makes it clear that it's all computer done with no human intervention at all. I always thought it was some scammer working at home who was actually reading stuff, but not in this case, obviously.
OOH! The spammer found us here also! While I was writing about it, his software plunked in another ad.
I agree that you should probably wait to weigh in on your scale at home so you have a more accurate picture of what's going on.  It's always best to weigh at the same time of day, on the same scale, and all that good stuff...

Yeah, we definitely have a spammer, alright; I saw that she was giving your husband information on how to catch you.  LOL  But then, she's making the rounds of the site so it's not just you... so far, she's visited several different forums posting the very same post.  I'm sure she plans to hit them all.   :-)
If she wants to help him catch me, all she has to do is stand by the grocery case and watch. I buy my Dr. Pepper right out in front of everyone. *shameless
She's gone already... the mods are really on top of things this weekend.  This is the second time I've had to call on them.  It's been a busy weekend for me.

I'm certainly glad you're buying the good doctor in front of everyone and aren't "sneaking" it out of the store... I think that would be called theft.  LOL
He's pretty cheap.
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She must of hit me on my statuses as i see someone new had commented but they had been removed before i could see it!  Maybe she had some great ideas for my sharpei butt!!  lol

I am down 1/2 lb.  Slow and steady wins the race right?!!

My husband decided during his 3 week layoff(they have this every summer) that he was going to put in another sump pump in the basement.  We have had issues with water coming in.  Well that would of been all fine and dandy but he decided to tunnel the drainage hose all around the basement to each sump pump(they are on opposite ends) In comes the jackhammer....Do you realize how fricking loud those things really are?    Cement and muddy crap getting hauled upstairs, tracking thru the entry way, dog going down to check everything out, coming back up and prancing her arse thru the house, upstairs and on my bed!  My clean basement where i do laundry is now a complete hell hole with cement chunks, mud, water, tools, jackhammer, drills, drainage tubes etc.  Oh did i mention the 600 lbs of cement in bags??  He is off for one more week and he tells me this will take awhile to get done............My new washer and dryer are now polka dotted with spatter from the fine jackhammer blowing mud all over.  I do appreciate all the work he is putting into making the basement water free but i dont do well with messes.  Other people are having this done to their houses also and it is costing roughly 7500.00.  I am glad he can do this stuff as it does save us a ton of money.  More rain is in the forecast and we really cant handle anymore around here before it does major damage to our homes, but still, the mess!!  uugghh.

  Daughter is feeling better now that the drainage tube is out.  We meet with the oncologist the end of the month.

Nothing else to report here.
Yep, Sarah, our little spammer hit your statuses full bore, but alas - not suggestions for your sharpai butt... lol

I can certainly sympathize with your water situation there.  We had a similar issue in our house when we lived in Iowa.  The sump pump ran year 'round and Heaven help us if the electricity went out, which it did a few times.  Of course, without electricity, the sump pump couldn't run, so the whole basement got flooded... What a mess!!  I was lucky, too, because we had our own business and my husband actually sold sump pumps and equipment so we didn't have to pay someone to deal with it;  the downside was that as a plumber's wife, I knew enough about it all to have to pitch in and help, as well as try to keep the mess cleaned up.  :-)  Fortunately, we didn't have that much rain too many times during the years we lived there... I'm hearing from other friends up there that the problem is pretty wide-spread.  I hope you get some relief pretty soon.

Congratulations on your 1/2 lb loss.  I''m happy to see you've slowed down the loss now that things seem to have calmed a bit in your life - well, except for the messy basement and sharpai butt... lol

Good news that your daughter is feeling better.  I'm sure she will continue to feel better as she gets stronger.  Will keep sending positive thoughts your way so she will keep improving by the day.
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