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Sunday Weigh-In July 8, 2018

Good morning and Happy Sunday to everyone... How's everyone doing and did we all make it through the 4th of July fireworks with fingers and toes firmly still firmly attached and no damage done?  I certainly hope so.  

We didn't do anything for the 4th; actually, we mowed lawns that day, so I worried more about sunburn than I did burns from fireworks... :-)  Other than that, I haven't really accomplished a whole lot this week.  I'm still working, slowly, on my garden project... we've been hauling in river rock to fill in an area that's had rock on it for some years but needed to be reworked in a couple of places.  This involved digging out some roots, some bulbs, installing some edging, etc and completely reworking another area.  It's all coming together now and I just have to put on the finishing touches.  It's been a lot of work but is something that was put off for too long (2-3 yrs) so I'm glad it's almost done... I just have to pick the times I work on it now, because of the heat.

Tomorrow, I go back to the eye doctor to see what he has to say about my eye.  The sight is still blurry in that eye and there are times when it gets really itchy, so I'm afraid he's going to order further tests... Keeping my fingers crossed that I simply need a change in my glasses prescription and that the accident did not affect my eye sight.

Weight-wise, unfortunately, I seem to be spinning my wheels, though I seem to have lost some of my belly.  I'm down 0.4 lb, which is, basically the same as last week... If I didn't have a digital scale, I'd never be able to pick up that slight difference.  I haven't been up and about enough the past few days, plus I've got some more of the fluid retention going on this morning, but if everything holds true to form, that should go down some over the next couple of hours.  

It's really strange - I used to have to weigh first thing in the morning before I ate/drank anything in order to get my lightest weight of the day.  Now, it seems that I'm actually heavier when I first get up in the morning than I am a couple of hours later.  I've actually figured out what it is, but not something I'll go into here... lol

Now it's your turn...  What's going on in your world and how did you fare through your 4th of July get-togethers?

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~  

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We've been staying at my family's farm, and my digital scale is not here. But the elderly scale that is here says I seem to also be spinning my wheels, which would be no surprise because this last week was devoted to moving my husband's office, not just a move but a major, sorting and divesting, downsize. I was there every day including the 4th of July, and husband was losing his temper a lot and our poor son just got set aside. (I had him shredding, which he was interested to do for about 1 box of old payroll files before he had had enough. This was at $10 per box. Now I'm offering $20 per box. Man, it is slow, boring work, and the shredder makes a mess when emptied, and my impatient husband wants everything to be perfectly clean every moment.) Long and short, a stressful icky week, and I had to give up my birthday for the move (only day the movers could come) and we moved things three places, and something is missing (I think it's in the mover's truck) and so on. Meaning, where's my Dr. Pepper? I drank more of it this week than I usually do, which is saying something because as you know I sneak it most weeks anyway. I don't think my weight rocketed up, but my tummy is much fatter-looking, so it's back to water and iced tea only. One day soon I will fetch my digital scale from our other house and get a real morning weight. Right now all I can say is I'm lucky the elderly scale here shows me as more or less holding steady.
It sounds like your week has been totally exciting (not)... lol  I think you deserved all that Dr. Pepper...

I hope the office moving/downsizing is just about finished.  I can empathize with your poor son; shredding paper is about as exciting for an 11 yr old as watching paint dry/grass grow, etc.  lol  I hope you have something more exciting planned for him this week or else up the ante to $30/box.  :-)

I'm sorry you had to skip your birthday; perhaps your husband will take you someplace "extra" special to make up for it??

At any rate, it's good that your weight wasn't affected a lot, but I know what it feels like when the tummy starts pooching out.  That's what mine was doing and since I've pretty much given up dairy and gluten, it's gone down a lot.  If I eat bread, pasta, etc it starts pooching out again, so I just try not to eat them...

Anyway, I hope this week goes better...
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I am down 1 lb.  I did eat a rice krispie bar too!

Hot, humid and monsoon rains here AGAIN.  I get my hair trimmed and eye brows mowed tomorrow.  Always look forward to that!!  Not much new to report here except the jack hammer is gone!!!
Wow - another pound gone.  Lucky you!!  If only could get my metabolism bumped up like yours is, so all I have to do is eat healthily and I lose weight...lol

I've been hearing about the rains up there... I'm sure y'all are ready for it stop.  So how's the new hair trim and mow job on the eyebrows?  I used to have to have my eyebrows and upper lip waxed all the time... oh how painful that was!  I lost most of my eyebrows when my thyroid quit working, but not the mustache... I finally had that lasered along with the tuft between my brows (yeah, I was a hairy bugger...lol) so I don't have to do that anymore, except my hairdresser has to jerk out a stray eyebrow now and then.  That's not too bad.  Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your new trims...

I saw your update on your daughter so I'll comment on that thread...
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