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Sunday Weigh-In May 20, 2018

Good Morning everyone... Well, here we are bright and early - and I do mean "early" though it's not very bright yet since it's only a little after 3:00 am when I'm writing this... lol  In case you're wondering why I'm posting so early, I'm getting ready to take off for the airport to head up north for a wedding next weekend, so once I get where I'm going today, I'll meet up with some family and we still have more travel to do later in the week.

Anyway,  how has everyone been doing with their weight loss efforts? I know some of us have had some rough stuff going on and weight loss has been coming all too easily.  Although we want to lose weight, we need to make sure we do it in a healthy manner, as well.  

I've had some things going on with my daughter and her estranged husband that have been pretty stressful, so I've ended up losing 2.5 lbs relatively quickly.  This week, I'm down 0.8, which would normally be okay but I didn't lose it because I ate in a healthy manner or exercised daily; I lost it because I was nervous and couldn't get/keep much in my stomach.  I'll take it and try not to put it back on, but I don't want to lose more that way...

What about everyone else?  I hope you're all doing well, though I know of a couple that may be having a tough time...

~~Wishing everyone a great successful week~~
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I'm at that stubborn point where the last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose, and this week I've gained. Not sure compared to last week (too lazy to look up exactly what I was then), but my start weight was only 2 pounds heavier than now, and I know I've been as low as 4 pounds from it and that happened early in the challenge. I don't think the last 10 pounds are the hardest because they are in any way more stubborn, but I think they are hard because one gets sanguine about looking better and feels like everything is fine. I've basically just not been watching what I've been eating.
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... On the other hand, the evening after I posted this, I was unexpectedly down 2 more pounds, for a total of 4 lbs. less than the weight I was at the beginning of the challenge, and meaning I only have 6 to go. It beats having 8 to go, for sure.
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I am down 2 lbs this week.   I have had more of an appetite this week but still isnt up to what it should  be.  I have added some extra supplements to my diet to help boost my system.  I have also been seeing my chiropractor once a week now and that has helped too.  I am sleeping better and that could be just pure mental exhaustion but i will take it!!  My hubby has been my rock thru this.

I did plant my flowers tonight and that made me happy.  We are looking at the 90's this week with none other than "humidity"!!
I guess it beats snow. Hm.
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It beats snow anyday!!!!
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