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Sunday Weigh-In May 5, 2019

Good morning... how are we doing this morning?  It's been kind of hard to get started, so I'm running a bit late this morning, but at least I can tell you for sure that we've got a bright sunny day going for us - at least for the time being.  We've been having showers/T-storms come through in the afternoons, so I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised if we get some later today, but that's Florida, so we kind of expect those to pop up.  

This has been a different kind of week for me... my neighbor and walking partner left on Tuesday to go back to OR for the summer, so I'm kind of at loose ends for right now.  This happens every spring and it takes a few days for me to get back into the swing of not getting up and heading out for that walk every morning (or most mornings).  I miss having her to talk to, as much as I miss the exercise I get from the daily walks.   Yes, of course, there's always e-mail, but it's just not the same as having having someone to talk to and getting that immediate feedback.  

Anyway, I'll get used to it over the next few days and by the time she returns in the fall, I'll have to get used to having her here again.  lol   In the meantime, I'll renew my resolve to get more work done in my shop.  I have a few projects I want to get made, so I'll start working on those - that will help to not miss my neighbor as much, as well.

Weight-wise, I've stayed exactly the same as last week, which is a surprise, considering that I've not done anything to speak of for exercise.  In addition to that, I've eaten more than I'd been eating and I've been having trouble with digestive processes, etc, which is probably due to lack of exercise.

I know we've talked about exercise not being a way to lose weight, but for me, I certainly tend to lose more weight faster when I exercise than when I don't.  Of course, exercising builds muscle, but it has other benefits for the body as well.  

I went for a 30-day ultrasound on my legs on Friday... the procedures went well and everything continues to look good; however, my feet/legs have begun to swell again with the warm weather, though not as much as they had been previously.  I'm also getting muscles cramps again in my calves and feet.  The procedures were supposed to alleviate, both, the swelling and the cramps, so I'm not sure what the doctor will say about those things when I see him on Friday.  

Anyway, that's my week and my husband is waiting to go to our local weekend flea Market, so I'm going to cut this short and go get ready to go.  

I hope you've had a successful week and met whatever goal(s) you might have set for yourself.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Hi, I'm down .8 from last week, but am not trusting it much, since on a scale that goes in .1 of a pound increments, I could be up or down by .4 in between breaths. So, I'll say at least down slightly, not much though.

We rescinded the offer on the house, the air-quality test showed mold. I had been ready to paint the whole house inside and out, replace flooring and carpets, flash the windows, fix some rot, add stairs to the steep side yard and strengthen the wobbly fence, but the idea of also having to play hide-and-seek with where the mold spores were coming from (neither inspector could see any mold under the house) was one thing too many. Seller's agent thought I was being fussy, but the sellers did sign the papers to end the deal. It might be because their son has asthma too. I'm sure they were shocked, and didn't want to worry them, but I don't want to buy a house and worry the whole time I own it, not just about my son's allergies but then about being able to sell it later without having to rip open the walls and look for mold.

The problem with this search has been that in this neighborhood, even houses that cost a hundred thousand dollars more than this one have issues. Some are ugly and just need updating, but they all seem to need to be painted and need new floor coverings, and when you're getting into the bigger houses that costs a lot on top of the higher mortgage. We had expected to either get a cheaper house and do all those fixes, or get an expensive house and just move in. There are some new-build houses in the neighborhood, but either they are parked right off the side of some busy main road, or else they are REALLY costly. I will say, though, that it might be worth it just to not have to deal with repairs and surprises in the future.

The good news is that our banker, title company lady and insurance guy are all standing by. We got masses of papers signed for the first two, and all is well. So if we do see something we want, we can just push the button. I'm back on Zillow again, looking. It's frustrating but I'm glad we didn't wind up buying the House of Mold.
Congratulations on being down - however much that might be - at least it's in the right direction.

I'm glad you backed out of that deal since the air quality test showed mold.  When I worked in the environmental department with the school board, I was in water/wastewater, but I used to work with my boss once in a while who did air quality... mold is nothing to play around with.  It can cause a lot of health issues - not just asthma/breathing problems, but other health issues as well, ranging from fatigue to digestive or muscle problems. It's much better to take longer to find a house and even have to spend more money, do remodeling, etc than get stuck with environmental issues.
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How does the ultrasound help the legs from swelling ?
I suffer the same problem when the weather gets humid.
Hi there and welcome.  

The ultrasound doesn't help keep the legs from swelling.  I had some issues with the valves in the veins in my legs not working right.  They did some procedures (4 of them) that destroyed those veins and forced the blood to reroute through other veins with working valves.  This was supposed to have stopped the swelling in my feet/legs.  It reduced it considerably, but did not stop it like it was supposed to.  The right one is a lot better, but the left one is still swelling.

I had to go on Friday to have an ultrasound to make sure that no blood clots have formed in my veins since having the procedures done.  

There are a number of things you can try to help reduce fluid retention:  
1)  make sure to drink plenty of water (make sure it's water, not sodas, which exacerbate the swelling)  
2)  reduce or eliminate sodium/salt intake - this can be difficult because there is salt in everything unless you prepare food from scratch.  I make almost everything I eat from scratch now and when I do buy canned items, I make sure it's low sodium.  Frozen foods are okay as long as it's simply the frozen food, not prepared dinners with a lot of salt.
3) exercise, especially walking - aim for 30 minutes/day
4)  wearing light compression stockings.  You can get these through your doctor, but there are less expensive ones you can buy at pharmacies that don't have as much compression, but may work well for you.  You can discuss this with your doctor.  
5)  I drink dandelion tea to help reduce swelling.  It's an herbal tea and most people tolerate it but you may want to discuss it with your doctor in case there's a reason you shouldn't drink it.  I do it with my doctor's blessing.
6)  if none of the above work, you can talk to your doctor about giving you something to help reduce swelling aka fluid pills if you don't already take something.  

I take medication for fluid, and I've done (still do) all the things I've suggested above.  They do work, some better than others, depending on the cause of the swelling.
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