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Sunday Weigh-In October 21, 2018

Good morning.  The days are getting shorter and shorter... it's no longer daylight by the time I'm posting this thread, so I can't say what kind of day we're stacking up for.  I can only assume that it's going to be bright, sunny, and hot since I haven't heard anything about rain or a cooldown yet.  Well, I take that back as they did mention that we might get down to the upper 70's later this week.  That will be a nice break from the 90's we've been having, which was a break from the 100's we had for a while this summer.  I know - complain, complain...   :-)

I'm not going to go into too much detail about my week... some of it was good; some not much so.  

As for eating and weight - I've done relatively well with eating, but did start craving chips again.  I'm not sure what that's about.  They say if you crave salt, it's because you're dehydrated and I haven't been drinking as much water as I usually do... maybe there's something there; I'm not sure.  Chips have always been one of my "comfort foods" that I go to when things aren't right with the world, too so maybe it's a combination.  Another thing I craved was Butterfinger candy bars... I'm not really a chocolate fan, but I do have a penchant for Butterfingers. Sometimes I think it's more the crunch than the taste, but I'm not sure about that either.  Anyway, that's where I was with the food situation...

At least, I walked nearly every day so I was using up that excess energy I was taking in.  That allowed me to hold pretty steady on the weight, with only a 0.2 lb difference up though I bounced around all week with water weight.  The difference is negligible and could still be water weight.

I did not walk yesterday as I met an old friend for brunch and we went shopping afterward.  We're both shoe nuts so of course, we headed to our favorite shoe store.  I got a nice pair of walking shoes and a pair of sneakers.  The sneakers I've been wearing to walk haven't been doing well with my peripheral neuropathy, so I found another pair that I hope is going to serve me well.  I'll find out in about an hour...

So... how have you done this week?  Let us know whether you've lost, gained, etc and what we can do to help...

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

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I kept the weight off that I inadvertently lost last week due to food poisoning, I think I've just been a little more conscious of portion control and have stopped eating when I'm genuinely no longer hungry even if part of a delicious serving is still on my plate. We have also stopped eating much beef (husband has been reading up on steroids in beef) and so maybe that has helped. I'm down a mere .2 of a pound from last week, but since last week got sort of an accidental weight-loss boost from the little bout of food poisoning I got the day before weigh-in, I think that's not so bad.

Son is off to Outdoor School this week. My husband and I realized it's the first time we will have been alone together for more than just a few hours, since he was born (so, in almost 12 years). It's probably a nice thing! We talked about going to the beach, but that means making arrangements for four pets. I wonder if we'll just sleep late instead. :)
You've done okay keeping the weight off that you lost last week, even though it's not good to lose it from food poisoning...

Portion control has always been hard for me because I was taught to "clean your plate" so leaving anything behind seems so wasteful... lol  Kudos for being able to do that.  I need to come live at your house so you can tell me it's okay not to clean my plate... lol

I guess I haven't heard or thought much about steroids in beef; that's not something we used when we raised cattle, but then we didn't use antibiotics to make them grow faster either.  I watch for antibiotics and other chemicals.  I'll have to start researching steroids and see what they're used for.  I know grass-fed beef is good for us, but it should be eaten in moderation.

So what happens at Outdoor School?  Is that something at which they stay all week?  Like a camp-out?  This must be your son's first time going since it's you and your husband's first time alone for more than a few hours.  I remember the days when it was easier to simply sleep late or spend a day doing something with just the 2 of us than it was to pack up and take a mini-vacation... I hope you enjoy sleeping in any way.  :-)
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