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Sunday Weigh-In September 9, 2018

Good morning, everyone... It's a fine, foggy morning here today... uggg!!!  Do you get the idea that I need my sunshine?  LOL  What's it like in your corner of the world?  

There's not a whole lot going on here, but this past week turned out to be kind of busy for some reason.  Wednesday has become our lawn mowing day, so of course, we got that done, but I ended up having trouble with my riding mower and had to do a good part of my share of the mowing with my push mower... oh my, I've gotten out of shape for that, but I guess it's good exercise??

We took a 4-hour cruise out of Port Canaveral on Thursday.  We can take a bus over there, so we don't have to drive there and back.  It's a gambling boat and we only go every couple of months or so as we're quite stingy with our money... lol   We get a nice lunch, have time to sit on the deck and watch for dolphins, other boats, etc.  You'd be surprised at the things you see out in the ocean.  

Friday, I started working on another pen, but it didn't work out as I had trouble with the machine.  I had to get my husband to help me, but we weren't able to salvage that one, so I still had to scrap it and start another.  Since I didn't get started with the second one until later in the day, I didn't get it finished, so I had to work on it yesterday as well.  The wood I was using was a really hard wood so was quite difficult to turn.  Let's not forget that I'm just learning how to do this, so there might have been some "operator error" involved, as well.  ;-)   Although my husband knows how to use the machinery like he knows the back of his hand, he's never made pens either, so he's not a lot of help on that part.

Anyway, I did get the pen finished yesterday and although it's not exactly the look I was going for, it's beautiful wood and turned out very well.  I still have to learn how to do the proper finishes on them... You're supposed to use a glue finish that gets super hard and almost impervious to damage, but I tried that and it didn't work well, so I need to talk to some of our fellow woodworkers and have them explain how they do that.  I probably also need to get a different type of glue than I was trying to use... Anyway, I ended up using a polyurethane finish - multiple coats and it turned out well, but it's not as durable.

Amidst all this activity, you'd think I'd have lost some weight, but nope - in spite of staying with a decent diet and even going for a short walk in the evening, along with my other activities, I stayed the same as last week...at least I didn't gain, I'm not sure what's going on.  I'm going to have to take stock again this week and see what else I need to change - there has to be "something" because I was losing steadily before we went on vacation at the end of July, then I gained while we were gone, now I can't lose it again, even with better diet and more exercise. I know my anxiety has been higher and I haven't been sleeping the greatest and sleep quality does affect weight.

It's funny (odd) - when I was younger, anxiety/nervousness used to cause me to lose weight (probably because I couldn't eat), now when I'm older, it causes me to gain, even when I don't eat.  I'm sure it has something to do with my worn out thyroid and adrenal glands, along with insulin resistance, etc.  But - when it all boils down, I'm probably just flat out eating too much of the wrong foods... It looks like it's time to go back to tracking what I'm eating/drinking and see what I need to cut out and/or eat more of... Of course, I know I need more veggies, but because of my kidney stones, my urologist has instructed me to eliminate the ones I like best, such as spinach, broccoli, lettuce, etc... What's a girl to do???

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it... How about you?  What's going on in your world?  Fall is coming to many parts of the country - I can even feel it here a little bit even though our temps haven't changed much... Let's hear it - how are you doing?

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Now that I'm back to the sensitive digital scale, I can see that digital scales are not much better than the rusty old scale at the farm. If I step too far forward on it, I'm a pound and a half lighter than if I step into just the very center! (Wonder which one is right? lol) Anyway, standing in the center is probably what I did at the outset of the challenge. Given that, I'm down .8 of a pound this week. This almost certainly reflects my lack of guzzling a particular brown fizzy drink. I even ate cookies more than once last week (those great maple-leaf shaped ones with maple cream filling!) and my stomach is still not as sticky-outie as it was when I drank the Doc every day.

Son had a traumatic entry into middle school this past week. The orientation was bad, he didn't know anyone in most of his classes, the bus was a an absolute barrage of kids using a ferocious level of obscenities, he stood in line for lunch the first day so long he didn't have time to eat it, and they have only 3 minutes to get from class to class so he's afraid to drink liquids at lunchtime lest he has to pee. It's a tough shakedown cruise. Some parts of this will change with time, I am sure, but one place I am not going to just shrug and say he has to get used to it, is the bus. Apparently, it's the f-word, the s-word, the c-word and even the n-word, here in our sheltered little white-bread community, coming out of the mouths of darling little angels whose parents volunteer at school and come to the game. I suspect the school district turns a blind eye because they can't do anything about 5o kids all mouthing off on the bus ride, there aren't that many bus monitors or cameras or even anyone to monitor the cameras and send the film home to the kids' parents. (There apparently aren't any resources at all besides the bare fact of having buses.) So, since the school is only 7 minutes from our house (though the bus ride makes it 30 minutes), I'm driving him. He cried for half of the evening every night last week, from the various stresses of the transition. He thought it would be like 5th grade, but it's a whole new world.  

Isn't it odd (strange) - my scale used to weigh differently by several ounces, depending on where in the room I had it sitting; I haven't tried moving it around lately so I'm not sure if it still does or not.  I'll have to try that one of these mornings.  I wonder if these digital wonders wear out like their mechanical counterparts - I keep thinking about the night I stepped on my scale and it told me I'd miraculously lost 18 pounds over a single day.  Of course, I knew that was impossible, so I asked hubby to step on see how he fared with it.  Sure enough, he, too, had lost 18 lbs, though he doesn't weigh daily like I do.  The next day, it had gotten over it's "streak" and was back to "normal" as I weighed the same I had before it went on its tangent and I continued to weigh that, or less until we went on vacation.  When we came back from vacation I'd gained several pounds, which I readily accepted because of the amount/type of food I ate, along with the lack of exercise.  A couple weeks after we got back, I had to change the batteries in the scale - since then, my weight has barely fluctuated no matter what I do and it's very rare for me not to fluctuate by 2-3 lbs overnight with water weight, when I can "see" how swollen my feet and fingers are.  I've been like that for years, no matter what type of scale I'm using; suddenly, I'm staying the same all the time... almost like my scale is stuck but if I put something else on it, it seems to reflect that weight accurately.  I hadn't thought about that until now - thing does seem quite odd.

Anyway, your 0.8 lbs for the week is good, in spite of the fact that you got to eat maple cookies with matching filling.  Those sound pretty awesome!!!  You're doing really well kicking your affair with the good doctor.  Most people aren't able to give up sodas so easily - or maybe it's not so easy for you, but you're doing really well.

Wow - it sounds like your son's indoctrination into middle school was downright traumatic.  Middle school is quite different from elementary school, as there are a lot of expectations in Middle school that just aren't there for the elementary kids.  I'm appalled at kids' vocabulary these days.  Some of them seem to know words I'd never heard until I was an adult... It's too bad the kid's parents won't find out how their children behave on the bus  -  it sounds like many of them are "bullies in training"... I think I'd try to find a way to let them know (or maybe they do know and don't care or simply don't believe it??) without making it too hard on my own kid or causing him to get bullied, etc.  There is a chance it will all calm down once the excitement of a new school year blows over, but if they're talking that way now, chances are they were doing it last year too.  Since you live so close, driving him to school seems the best option as long as you can be available to take and pick him up every day.

A traumatic beginning can make the entire year go poorly, so I hope this coming week works out better for your son.
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