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Sunday weigh in July 29, 2018

Good morning... I'm traveling so this is going to be short and sweet.

Since I'm traveling, I can't weigh, so I don't have any idea how I'm doing, but I have been eating well at all so I would guess I'm up from last week.

Everyone else can go ahead and post their stats and I'll add more when I get to a hotel tonight since right now I'm trying to do this on my phone.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week...
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I'm exactly the same as last week, according to the old non-digital scale at the farm. Since I weighed last week on that scale, I'll go with the notion that I have not gained or lost. Since Zen camp, I've drunk only about two Dr. Peppers, which probably helps since I haven't been watching my diet much. Just trying to eat balanced meals. I liked that a lot about the camp, there were always two veggies and a salad and also a yogurt bar, and the meal offerings always included meat, eggs or fish, so it was easy to eat a well-balanced meal. Sometimes it is harder at home. I'm awfully glad I still have some Saffron Road meals in the freezer. Their lamb saag was my main meal two times last week, and since it's lamb, spinach and rice, it has the protein, grain and veggie and feels healthy and evidently suits my metabolism. It keeps me from snacking later in the evening.

Next week we'll be travelling but I should be able to get online. Just won't be able to weigh unless I take a scale with me. (Which I'm tempted to do. Husband would think I'm being ridiculous. But it would be good to get an unequivocal Sunday morning weigh-in on the digital scale again.) After next week's trip, we're back at the farm until school begins (just got the registration packet for middle school into the mail, $125 bucks for various things, who knew! though admittedly $50 of it was to sign him up for cross-country, a definite elective. Still, how do single moms do it? Even $75 if they weren't expecting it, would have to be at the least an unpleasant surprise for some families.) Once we're back at the little house, I'll be able to keep up with my digital-scale weigh-ins.
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Well, we've finally landed in a hotel and we aren't surrounded by people, which wasn't bad at all, since it was my sister and her family, all of whom I love dearly... I simply didn't have time to spend online keeping caught up with my forums, etc which made me feel bad.  

I just noticed that I said in my original post that I "had" been eating well, which was a typo - not a surprise since I posted from my phone and can't possibly type an entire post without making a mistake... lol  I had "not" been eating well or I wouldn't be "up" in weight.  :-(

At least you're holding steady, which is great... I've spent so much time helping to cook for the crowd and of course, one must eat what they cook.  :-)  Unfortunately, where I come from they haven't learned to eat as healthy as I do at home - it's all the good old comfort foods that we've learned aren't so good for us like homemade bread, mashed potatoes and gravy, every pasta salad you can think of, etc.

If we'd been traveling by car vs airline, I'd have been tempted to bring my scale with me as it would have helped to keep me in line a little bit, I think...

You're right about school registration... from what I hear, it's gotten pretty expensive these days and for many families it would be quite a jolt to have to fork out the money to get children enrolled.  If you had to pay $125 (even if part was elective), imagine what it would be like for a family with multiple children... I suppose that means a lot of kids don't get to do elective things in school?
I would guess that is true. There are opportunities to contribute to the school district's Foundation, but I don't think it goes to things like making sure a middle schooler gets to do cross-country. There may be some assistance. But I think a lot of the district's assistance goes to making sure hungry kids get a lunch.
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