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Warning about Phentermine!

I was prescribed back in Aug 07 , phentermine for a diet aid, cymbalta for depression, and Imitrex Spray for Migraines. This caused me to almost die... with Serotonin Syndrome. Each day now is horrible...ups and downs. And the problem is that I can't go off the diet pill because they are afraid I will have seizures , so I am slowly weaning myself off since mid Dec. I feel like I am going crazy...sometimes I can't even move.

Always go to Drugs.com and go to interactions and list your medications!

I have never been in so much pain in my life.
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Did you tell your doctor (during the visit) what all you were on?  I always make sure I tell him or her even though you have to write it in the chart.  
Heck--I even read my chart.
I'm just like that.

I'm sorry to hear about your problem.  I hope you feel better soon.
For all those with migraines FDA approved and doctors are giving injections for and isn't Botox and is curing and preventing the migraines with no problems and no bad side effects and a  upcoming patch for migraines is either available now or very soon will be I pray almost everyday for those who have migraines to be cured in to not have a migraine ever again the Lord Jesus surely doesn't want them to suffer with migraines if I even hear someone tell me they have a migraine or read a migraine I want to cry
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I was going through my pics, and I thought this one looked calm and relaxing.  Then, I went back online tonight and realized we had the same one--oops!
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