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I just had bariatric surgery in January of this year. I'm documenting all I eat and how much I exercise. But I'm still not losing the weight I should. I did just turn 40, so could that have a factor in my weight loss. Not to mention I've lowered my calorie intake to 500 or less per day. What can I do to make my weight loss happen faster?
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I'm not familiar with bariatric surgery and how many calories you should have each day; you really should talk to your doctor about that.  500 calories just doesn't seem like nearly enough for an adult woman.  That's more like a starvation diet.

I've read that with bariatric surgery, you're supposed to eat quite a few, very small meals/day, so you don't stretch the stomach again.  Is that what you're doing?  

Because you're eating so few calories, you body might think you're starving and is holding onto fat stores.  

You really need to check with your doctor, a dietician or nutritionist about this to make sure you get the right nutrients.
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Hello I had a gastric band fitted in June of last year and I'm really struggling too. I have used virtually all my savings to have it done I just don't seem to get the 'full' feeling like I was advised I would?  I lost more doing slimming world and weight watchers which only cost £5 per week and felt I had a lot of support at the groups and feel I'm missing that element of discussing successes and failures x
Is it not possible to do Weight Watchers even though you have had the gastric band fitted? It seems like if you go there and say your gastric band surgery is no panacea and you really need support, you should find a lot of support. Or you don't even have to mention the band if you think they would resent you for seeming to have an edge. Weight loss via diet is best done with other people's support no matter if you have had an intervention from a doctor or not.
Oh, I just saw the date of the above post. I'll see if they will leave this up in case someone with a similar predicament is reading the forum.
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