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Looking for a Weightloss Clinic - N.E. area

Interested in lipo/B-12/phentermine 37.5 but unable to locate any offices thru the Yellow Pages that offer these services in the Rhode Island- Massachusetts area.
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I took phentermine and topamax together 5 years ago when I weighed 254 lbs. I am 5'2. I lost over 100 lbs. My lowest weight was 146 lbs. I have recently begun to regain weight after I broke my toe last summer and got an injection in my spine that hit a few nerves. It limited my ability to work out and I fell out of my routine. I am now 163 lbs. I should realistically be 130-145.
This is very hard for me because I can not find a doctor in my area to prescribe this medicate me as they did in Illinois. I'm afraid that I might yo yo.
If ANYONE knows of any doctor or clinic in the Rhode Island or Massachusetts area, please let me know.
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