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Stopped Depo-Provera gained over 50lbs in 6mo. Help!

I eat healthy and exercise regularly every day. I’ve always eaten healthy. No or very minimal grains, no bread, no milk, no sugar. I’ve eaten this way my whole life. While on Depo I lost maybe 10lbs. I was taking it for over 2 years to aid my ovarian cyst issues. I decided to stop earlier this year, no change to my diet or daily routine, and I’ve gained nearly 60lbs!!! If I’m already eating healthy and exercising... what in the world can I do?!
I’m afraid I’ll have to go back on the shot. I’m borderline obese now. This is severely impacting my mental well-being.

Anyone know why Depo makes you gain weight after stopping it?
How do you stop it besides eating healthy and exercise?

I’m at my wits end. Any advice is appreciated. TIA!
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Hi.  That really stinks!!!  I always thought depo was responsible for being heavier, not that people gained weight when they came off.  

So, a good thing to do food wise, cut back on one thing a week that would alter your diet in a positive way?  Like caffeine, then cut down on processed, sugar, fast, etc.  whatever your food triggers are, shift it up.

Another thing I've read a lot about is intermittent fasting.  So, you stop eating in the evening.  The earlier the better but at least at 8.  then you don't eat again until 8 the next morning.  ??

How is the dieting going?
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