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When is it easier?

When do you find it easier to lose weight?

Summer (eat less but retain more fluid, can be too hot to train)
Winter (eat stodgier foods but release fluid quicker, can be too cold to train)

Give your reasons for your choice.
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For me it is deffinetly the winter -  when I want to eat more for comfort when I suffer with SAD's.. and when I get the 'can't be bothered to exercise today will pick it up again tomorrow' attitude.
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I voted summer but I admit that I'm confused because the question is when is it EASIER and the post above makes it sound like when it is harder?

Well, regardless of how you word the question, as the post points out there are unique weight-loss obstacles with both seasons.

I think it is easier in the summer because there is more daylight plus the weather makes it easier to stay active.  Usually there is more/better local produce available, too.

I do experience difficulties with extreme weather that can make exercising consistently difficult.  If I get too hot, disabling fatigue onsets that can (and has!) ruined summer days.  In the winder, the cold irritates my joints and makes my inflammation more uncomfortable.  

In terms of clothes, summer styles make me more aware of my size and make me feel less comfortable about my appearance.  Knowing that I can't hide all of my arms and legs all summer without turning into a personal sweat factory does sometimes encourage me to eat less and exercise more.

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Oh my. I have no clue. During the summer I tend to eat less, but I really hate heat & sweating so I never want to anything but hide & try not to move too much. During the winter it's cold out so I really get active, but I eat way more food too... I don't think I can vote.
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Sorry for the confusion -  yep I confused myself too -

It is easier for me in the summer.... and as my post says winter is harder for me... sorry... will change my vote if I can lol
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ooopppssss couldnt change my vote but now I have voted twice lol
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The summer is hard because I love going out in the spur of the moment and that's hard to do and eat right. The kids also don't have as strict of a schedule so I don't either. There also seems to be more parties and picnics to temp me in the summer.

The winter is easier because I'm in the safety of my little bubble.
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Summer is easier for me because of the longer daylight and my daughter and I go for lots of walks.

Hopefully this winter will not be as bad as last winter since I have the Wii Fit and Wii Active now so there *should* be no excuse!
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hahaha my daughter wants a wii for her birthday  -  if she gets one from her Dad and his family (I cant afford one) then I will have to get a wii fit at some point -  maybe for christmas.
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