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seeking friends for support

I am new to this website and found it quite by accident. I was looking for any app that would accurately let me chart my progress in losing weight and keeping healthy and mentally fit. I've tried other programs but they didn't work for me or were too complicated to use.

What I would like is to have a "buddy"...someone that can be there and friend me and keep me honest and work with me to keep losing weight and stick with it and not quit. I've always quit when dieting gets too tough or charting gets to be a pain. Is there someone out there that would be willing to take me on as a "buddy"?
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This is a fab group for support -  it has been dormant for a while when I fell off teh waggon again -  but right now it is building back up -  the more you post the more people will reply.

Medhelp is a fantastic way of tracking things -  and visualising your weight loss graph is a great motivator.

Good luck and lets  do this!
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I am so glad I found this site! For years, I have been hand charting and buying notebooks and using other apps to chart my progress. However, none are like this one and I like this one a lot!

I really need to lose this weight...and not for my doctor or for anybody else. I want to do this for me because I'm not getting any younger and fifty is like five years away from me. My doctor said that after 50 things go down hill and I don't want to end up dying young.

It's hard for me to find people to give me support. I have trust issues when it comes to that. I have to REALLY know that the person I am wanting to help me do this is really as committed to the job as I am. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to charting and keeping track of things. However, I am slowly letting go of that and becoming more aware of what I eat and where I eat it and with whom.

I have a bevy of health problems. I am on disability for half of them(although to be honest, I really want to get off of it because I want to work again...it's boring staying at home). My main problems are Poor circulation of my blood(my legs swell big time to the point of pain) diabetes(which I think I have under control but I still take my meds and check my sugars), and Bi-polar Disorder,plus sleep apnea.

Tell you what...you want to be diet buddy...I'll take you on as my support. We can help each other, if you would like. We can keep tabs on each other by sending messages and stuff. I am really excited about doing this...let's keep in contact,okay?
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It always helps when we have others around us keeping us accountable :)

What exercise are you able to do and incorperate into your routine?

I find it helps to plan my weeks menu ahead of time so I buy what I need and not get tempted to have snacks and extras :)
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