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Do You Care???

Today I was doing a little research and ran across some interesting information regarding weight loss.  Did you know there is a common emotional thread that exists between people who have an eating disorder?  Do you know what it is?

For reference purposes, an eating disorder can be anorexia (basically starving yourself to death), bulimia (eating and purging [vomiting] or overuse of laxatives) and binge eating disorder (binging episodes).  

Food for thought ...

1.  How do you treat a community member that binges or falls off their plan?  Are you angry and tell them they are stupid, dumb, lazy .. that they deserve it and will never get it right.  Do you tell them .. just go on and eat everything.  Do you tell them to quit?

2.  Have you ever talked that way to yourself?

3.  Why would you?  Don't you believe that you deserve to be treated well by others .. your family and friends?  Doesn't it hurt your feelings if you're not?

4.  Then why would you treat yourself that way?  Why would you be kinder to a teammate or stranger than to you are to yourself?

Suggestions for correction ...

1.  Be KINDER and GENTLER to YOU!   Think of your behavior and, in your mind, imagine it is a teammate.  Give them the advice and encouragement you would give.  Now, realize it is you .. and take that advice.

2.  Start learning to stop setting such unrealistic expectations of yourself.  You are not perfect; no one is.  Those with an eating disorder, did not get there overnight.  You will not lose overnight.  Poor habits and medicating ourselves with food were learned behaviors over a fairly long period of time.  It will take breaking them down, piece by piece, over a period of time.  

Do you truly care about your self as much as you care for a teammate?
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I find it so hard to be so understand of others when they feel like they have failed and give encouragment, but its so hard to do that to myself! I have GOT to be more patient and forgiving to myself. If not, then I will just go deep into the pit of being guilty which then will cause a ripple affect and cause me to binge more.
I guess taking a step back, and looking at it the way you posted is something that I should do everyday and give myself a bit of slack. I am going to post that poem on my mirror and fridge!
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Elaine and Steve - I am blown away by your wisdom and your ability to post and convey your heartfelt sentiments!  Thank YOU for sharing!!!  

I'm going to print these out and post one on my bathroom mirror and one on my refrigerator!  Will read them daily and use as my constant reminder to be good to myself and to take time to THINK and REFLECT before making a CHOICE.  

Steve .. your final statement "LOVE YOURSELF INTO SUCCEEDING!!!"  says it ALL!!!
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I think it is in our nature, because we live within our problems and along with pier pressure (from media etc...) we are more harder on ourselves. At times i feel that everyone sees me as i see myself, and that in itself makes me more harsher with me in my failure.
I look on others not in the same critical way, the feelings for others comes into the mixture and that helps to be more supportive and less critical.

I agree totally with your comments and will go as far to say " love yourself as you love others".

My Mother says " Treat others as you would treat yourself". I would add it is also OK to treat yourself as you would treat others.

Go everyone!! start to Love yourself into succeeding.
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Sorry i couldnt think how to word what i wanted to say so i found this poem which fits perfectley.

Be Kind to Yourself

There will always be times when it's hard
to remember your strengths.
These are the times when you need to give yourself
special attention.

Be kind to yourself…
Kindness nurtures and gives hope to growing dreams.

Respect yourself…
Listen to your needs, and treat yourself as you would to a friend.

Encourage yourself…
Remember what you truly want, and fight for it as you would
for your life.

Appreciate yourself…
Don't take for granted the qualities that make you unique.

Focus yourself…
It is with discipline and motivation that you will move towards your goals.

Be giving towards yourself…
In that way, your strength will thrive,
and you'll be realizing your goals a day at a time.
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The common emotional thread that exists between people suffering from an eating disorder .. is that they are harder on themselves and expect a ridiculous amount of perfection.  

We need a greater compassion and acceptance of our self, it is an important part of our success.  Lighten up and be gentle.
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