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Emotional Eating???

Emotional eating is one that affects many of us.  Does it affect you?  

Would love to hear from you .. share your experiences .. and if you've learned from it or still struggling with it. Do you know the emotion(s) that trigger these events?  Can/will you name them?  Do you have a plan on how to correct it?  Most Important - Are you willing to work on this together and ask yourself some tough questions?

Please be sure you all click on the "Add to Watch List" in the little box underneath your comment.  We'll be posting something regarding this .. in the near future.

Not on is this one of those occasions that calls for the "honesty" and "reality" that builds our community and our support for each other.  This can be an "Aha" moment that may lead to an epiphany that changes our lives.  

Many thanks ... and let's really pull together on this.  
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I am 100% an emotional eater! Perfect example....weighed myself today and was not happy that I had stayed the same. Started looking through the cupboards. Got mad at myself and decided to go run! I ran almost a mile but had to stop because of the heat. I am so mad at myself for not losing any weight, but I eat when I am upset and that is something I have struggled with for a while.
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I am emotional none eater, I tend to go off food very easily, And i have to keep reminding myself to eat, its not that i dont want to eat it just skips my mind, i am taking up the Alarm system to remind me its food time,
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Thanks to Ranae I do now have a plan - whenever I am fearful, frustrated or angry I need to goo and talk to someone and avoid variety stores.  I need to get my husband on board with supporting me instead of enabling me.
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