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Exercise DVD Suggestion Required

Hi there.  I'm looking for an easy on your joints, beginner aerobic and floor exercise DVD to start using.  Anyone have any suggestions?
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Not sure what to recommend, but you may want to try pilates.  Aerobics, by themselves, can challenge our joints.  There are online places where you can rent exercise DVD's and try them to see if they fit your needs before purchasing them.

The ideas above look great!
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I have a great dvd suggestion that I have a feeling you would really like! Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds dvds are really easy to get through, very low impact but also really effective! It's one of the first consistent workouts I did when I was still morbidly obese and it really helped to get me into a regular exercise routine when this was all new to me. And even now it's still one of my favorite workouts to do and I try to do it at least 3 times a week in addition to my other workouts.The dvds are great for people of all fitness levels and especially if you have joint issues. I was definitely skeptical at first because I sort of just expected to walk in place for 45 minutes but there is more to the workouts than that and you do a lot of upper body work too which is great. You can take the workouts mile by mile if you want to, and add on when you're ready. One of the first things I noticed after doing my dvds for a little while is that my booty got lifted which was awesome lol. Even though they're really low impact, you actually do break a bit of a sweat and I was surpised to see the other day that when I did the 5 mile walk using my heart rate moniter, I burned about 550 calories without feeling like I exerted myself too much. I got mine from overstock.com and amazon because they seem to have the best selection and prices. My personal favorites are the 3 mile weight loss walk (pink cover) and the 5 mile walk. The music in some of the workouts is a little lame and Leslie TALKS ENDLESSLY and can get annoying sometimes, but that's why the 5 mile walk is nice because you have the option to do the workout with just the music and no instruction (she must have gotten a few "suggestions" after a few of her dvds lol)
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Hey Trudie! will have a look on the internet and will see if i come up with something...
Hope you are having a great day!
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I also have joint issues.  That along with my plus size means I can't do just any workout tape.

At the risk of having rotten fruit thrown at me, I'm actually fond of some of Richard Simmon's stuff.  "Party off the Pounds" is one that I think has an ok balance of music, interesting moves, etc.  I know he is totally cheesy, and some of his workout moves are not very good--like "jazz hands" type of stuff!  But as the weather makes it harder to get out, I'll probably be popping him in more.

I also have all but the 1st of the Biggest Loser DVDs.  They take advanatge of the DVD format and let you pick which workout you want to do at a given session so that you can customize the length and difficulty.  I think that is neat.

They do lots of squats, and the music is lame, but they are also good options considering my limitations.

I have a small trampoline, and sometimes I just put that in the living room and sort of jog in place on it (I think I'd break it if I actually jumped!).  That is very joint-friendly as well, and I can watch/listen to any distracting thing I want.  I add ankle and/or hand weights if I feel like it.

I have an elliptical, but I need to get it serviced and who knows when I'll find the time?   So I started sticking to more simple home equipment:  A big balance ball, a medicine ball, resistance bands, and small hand weights are also in my arsenal.  I also found a really big floor mat online.  Most of the mats in stores are not very wide, and it's kinda discourging if you don't feel like you fit well on your mat!  

Also, the wide mat is a great surface to do my video workouts on, and gives my joints an extra layer of padding on top of my shoes and carpet.

Hmmm, I feel pretty guilty that I skipped my AM workout now!  I have enough stuff at my disposal, I have no excuse!  I'll get down to business this week, and do the best that I can!
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