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Won't you consider joining us for Live Chat tomorrow night?  It will start at 6:30 pm CST and go to ???  Last Tuesday we had members participate for 2 hours and it was BUNCHES of fun!!!  

We talk about ways to help each other, exercises, weight loss strategies, food ideas, behavior modification, feelings and socially we learn more about each other, our lives, our experiences and deepen our friendships and the spirit of team.

Time zones are as follows ... to start

7:30 pm Eastern
6:30 pm Central
5:30 pm Mountain
4:30 pm Pacific
12:30 am UK (on Wednesday)

We can also do these at various times, just let us know what works best and we'll try to schedule around times that work for everyone.

Will be catching up on posts later this evening and look forward to talking soon.  Thank you all for your amazing and heartfelt support as we have been caring for many ailing family members with multiple hospitalizations and a journey beyond this life.  We are blessed with our family and you here on MedHelp ... you've been most supportive and caring during a difficult time .. Thank You!!!!  

Best wishes for a wonderful week.  Many HUGGSSSS ..

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khendrick ~ Thanks for the warm reply.  Hope work went well; that is an extremely long day!  Is there a time that works better for you?  Would love to have you join us and we're willing to schedule more than one or change the times to allow everyone an opportunity to participate.

Trudie ~ Thank you for the warm wishes and the support.  Yes, things are looking up and, while I'm looking forward to the holidays and seeing my daughter and the 4 babies, I am also looking forward to the getting on the other side of the holidays and having life return to "normal" .. lolll

twehner ~ Sorry you weren't able to join us .. we missed you.  Skailark is Much more talkative when you're there to tease him!  ;)   Hope you are doing well and that we can talk soon.

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I hope to be here - so happy to hear that things are improving for you, Ranae!  I have thought about you so much lately and prayed for your strength and stamina during this difficult time.
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I will do my best to attend tonight.  Ranae, so good to hear things are improving on your end.  It will be great to catch up with you tonight!
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I wish I could make it but I signed up to work extra 7p-7a.  Won't be able to make it.  Sorry.  
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Thank you for your kind and supportive wishes ... the family situation is getting back to normal.  One remains in the hospital, there has been one funeral, my daughter is coming home for the holidays for the first Christmas they'll experience as a family going through a divorce, and I've met most of my new family with great joys and some sadness and disappointments.  My mom's health is still guarded, but the blindness in her remaining good eye has left and her sight remains in that eye for now.

The support of you and the members of this community has truly touched my heart and I am blessed beyond belief in the friendships, kindness and understanding.  Thank you and everyone else ... you have truly made a difference in my life!

How very nice of you to respond with your thoughtful regrets and I, too, hope to find a time you will be able to participate in a live chat.  Please let us know a workable time for you and we'll switch it up so we can all join in.

Very best wishes to you for the holidays .. I am so very proud of you and your efforts!!!  

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Welcome back.  I hope the family situation is starting to improve somewhat.  We missed having you here every day, but your family needs always to come first.  

I'm sorry I won't be able to participate in the live chat on Tues - I get up at 3:30 am, so have to be in bed shortly after 7:00 (Eastern).  I'll look forward to reading the chat on Wed and hopefully there will be another one that I can participate in.  
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