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Elaine and I have been busy little beavers this week and we've come up with a new feature to add for our challenge; truthfully, it was Elaine's idea, but I stole it from her.      LOL

Any time we enter a challenge, we expect a "winner" and this challenge is no different.  If we all lived close to each other and belonged to a local club or something, we would take the "winner" - the one who loses the most weight - out to lunch or provide a prize of some kind.  In our case, we can't do that.

Okay, okay - I'll get on with it --- the winner will be the biggest loser; the person who lost the most weight during the previous week, as recorded on the "Challenge" weigh in.   This person will be the "star" for the week.  We have this neat little picture that Elaine found (did I say we were "both" busy this week??  Hhmmm     LOL).  This little picture will be attached to a separate post each week, with an announcement of the winner -- er, loser?  

Remember, this is for the ones who signed up to join the challenge a couple of weeks ago.  If you'd care to join us now,  please feel free.  

Since not everyone posts their weight on Sunday, we will post the "star of the week" on Tues afternoon, in order to give everyone a chance to be eligible.  So remember - you need to make sure you post your weight (both previous and current) in the "Challenge" post for that week, by noon on Tues in order to be in the running for that week.

The thing to remember here, is that you have to lose to win!!  

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I love 2 win, but in this case I don't mind being a LOSER!!!! lol
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Cool! We're all in this together and I'll celebrate when any of my MedHelp friends win...but I do like to win myself, LOL!
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Cool, I am game and hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can start being a winner!
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