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Sunday Weigh In - April 10, 2022

Good morning.  How is everyone this morning?  It's gone back to winter, here, today - down to 39° overnight... brrr
The good thing is that the sun is out nice and bright, so it's warming up pretty fast.  Good thing, too, as we have a big outside project planned for today.  

We have a crew coming tomorrow to pressure wash our house, including the screen porch and carports, so all my plants have to be moved to safe places.  We've decided that the easiest thing to do will be to load them into the bed of the pick up, then we can just drive them to safety when the crew shows up in the morning.  

I spent all day yesterday removing and cleaning porch windows - there are 10 windows and each has 4 window sections, so it was quite a job, especially, since we had one of the windiest days yesterday.  Our wind gauge doesn't seem to be working, but we know the wind had to have been at least 20 mph with much higher gusts.  Not good conditions to be cleaning vinyl windows, but I got them done and safely stacked in husband's shop, waiting for the pressure washing to get done, so they can be reinstalled.

I only got one pen made this week and I messed it up, but hope to get some more made this coming week.  I think I have 3 of them sold, but the person hasn't told me what she wants yet, so maybe they aren't.  :-)

Anyway, I haven't much time to sit on my keester this week.  Earlier in the week, I was down by 4 pounds, but of course, we know that be fluctuation caused by fluid.  I haven't weighed today, but will do so later and report it.  I'd like to think I might, at least, be down a couple of pounds, but with my luck, that's a big wish!!  

So - how was your week?  I hope you've been successful in reaching/exceeding your goals and look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~  

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Oh, I'm happy you're down in weight again, but so sorry to hear you have COVID.   Did you know that you can order free COVID tests?  The government was allowing each household to have so many tests, then they opened it up again and let everyone have more.  We've gotten 8 of them.  In the first round there were 2 boxes, each with 2 tests and same for the second round.  You might want to check into it so you have some in case you get it again.  

You're right that you can have COVID without a fever, though that is what they were going by for so long - everywhere we went, we had to get temp taken.  

Anyway, I hope you're feeling okay.   Hopefully, your case is going to stay mild since you've had your shots and booster  I hope your son's case is also mild, even though he hasn't been boosted.  

I'm so thankful we've both been lucky enough to avoid the virus so far.  We've both had our shots and boosters, so if we do get it, it's possible for it to go unnoticed.  

The 4 pounds I'd lost last week and thought was fluid fluctuation must not have been because I'm down another couple of pounds from that, even.   Yay!!  Of course, like you, I haven't had much time to sit around.  I think that exercise really does make a difference!!
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Oh, gee, I weighed yesterday morning but forgot to write in! We spent a lot of time at the new house yesterday painting, and I just didn't get online.

This is one of those good-news, bad-news reports. The good news is that I'm down in weight again, another pound and a half. It feels real, because I've been more careful about food and we've been so busy that there just hasn't been any sitting around.

The bad news is that I woke up on Saturday with a strange headache (like I had a football helmet on that was too tight all over) and a sore throat. I finally decided it had to be a spring cold (the first one I've had in two years thanks to masking, in fact). But then Specialmom told me that even though I have no fever, it could still be Covid. (I had taken the absence of a fever as proof it wasn't.) I looked up Omicron, and articles are saying it can present mostly as upper respiratory, not lungs, and very often with a sore throat. We had two home tests in our medicine cupboard, so I took one. Darned if it didn't come up positive.

My son had a persistent sore throat a couple of weeks ago that he complained about at the time, said it just wouldn't go away. He had no other symptoms, and no fever, and sore throats just weren't on our radar for Covid then, so we didn't test him then. Tested him now, he's negative. My husband will test later today when we can pick up some more tests. (I assume he's got what I've got; he's been sneezing.) The symptoms are mild, and we're both vaccinated and boosted (my son has been vaccinated but not yet boosted). So this is not worrisome the way it would have been two years ago! Still, I'm disappointed. We've been masking all throughout, including at the grocery store, and were beginning to think we'd make it through the pandemic without getting the virus. On the other hand, if it stays a mild case (and I don't see why it wouldn't), apparently getting Omicron can act like a booster.

I paid for more tests online and set them up for window pick-up at our local Walgreen's, thinking my husband could get them after driving our son to school But he can't, because -- it's snowing! There are at least three inches on the ground. This is the first time Portland has seen measurable snow in April in 80 years at least. If our son were younger, he and his dad would most certainly go out and sled, but now he's sleeping the gratified sleep of a hjgh schooler who stayed up late over homework. (And also taking a Covid test at one a.m. Mom's comes up positive, you test.) The school sent a notice saying there would be morning closure, but followed up just now with the notice that school is out for the whole day. It's a gift.

Have a great week!

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