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Sunday Weigh In April 26, 2020

Good morning.  I hope everyone is still weathering lockdowns/stay at home orders in good shape.  It's going fine here and looks like it's going to shape up to a really nice day today.  

There's not a lot going on since my state hasn't loosened any of the stay at home restrictions yet.  We worked on putting new flooring in one of our bathrooms last week.  We've had the flooring for a while and it just didn't get put down... now it's done.  We did have to make a trip to the home store to get the base moldings, but that was a quick trip and we have the masks I made for protection.  The molding is installed and I have only to add some caulk to small cracks and paint the nail holes and it will be done.

Several months ago - first part of January, I got a referral to new endocrinologist and they were so full, my appointment was a whole 4 months out.  I wasn't sure if I'd even be able to have the appointment as some doctor's offices are open only for emergency type things, but I got a call on Friday confirming that my appointment will take place as scheduled... I was very relieved to hear that as I was afraid I'd be stuck with another 4 month wait.  

I'm looking forward to the appointment as I'm hoping this doctor will understand that most of the symptoms I exhibit  most of the time (low heart rate, dry itchy skin, brittle nails, weight management issues, constipation and others) is thyroid related.  On the other hand, I'm not looking forward to it for fear that he will take the same attitude other doctors have taken and end up telling me that my symptoms are not thyroid related and he can't do anything to help me.  Did I mention I hate going to new doctors??   I never know which direction they're going to go and it causes considerable anxiety in the days prior to the appointment.  

Anyway, I haven't weighed yet this morning, but I'm going to say I'm up in weight, partially due to swelling/edema, but all due to not exercising or eating the right kind of foods lately.  Since my walking partner early in the month, I haven't been going out for daily walks, nor have I uncovered my treadmill so I can start using it.  I've dropped from an average of 10K steps/day to half that or slightly more, most days... that tells you right there that the scale isn't going to be kind.  :-)  I'll post my actual gain later.

So that's me - how are you doing?  I hope everything is going well and that you're having more success than I am.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**

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I need to catch my weight first thing in the morning on the scale I used to use, and it hasn't happened yet this week! I did go over yesterday and while there, weighed myself fully dressed at mid-day, and it sorta kinda looked like I was in the same bracket as I have been for three weeks or more. Tomorrow I'll get the scale and bring it here so I can weigh at a time of day consistent with when I used to do it.

Other than lacking a scale, things have been pretty quiet this week, up to this evening. Then a friend called crying. She's breaking up with her fiance and needs a place to stay. Any other time, I'd pop her into our guest room and she could stick around as long as she likes. But my husband is asking all the tough questions ... when did she last go out and potentially get exposed to the virus? Who has she been with? Who has her fiance been exposed to? How recently? The non-symptomatic cases have him really nervous. So she went to stay with a girlfriend who is by herself in her house. But she just now texted me saying it's not going to work, her girlfriend has put on a mask because of her arrival and expects her to wear a mask. I frankly think that no matter how much distress she is in, my husband would probably expect her to wear a mask, too. She's going to call me tomorrow, it's hard to know how to talk this over without sounding terribly uncaring about her situation. I heard that this is an awful time for women in bad relationships, because they are forced into proximity and can't get away. I had thought the problem was just that they didn't have any friends with whom they could crash, but now can see even if you do have friends with whom you would always be welcome any other time, when there is a pandemic, more barriers exist.

Anyway, I'll post in tomorrow about my weight. Now have dishes to do and laundry to fold. :)
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It's good to hear that you're probably in the same weight bracket you've been maintaining for a while.  That indicates that staying at home hasn't had too much of an adverse effect on you - well, in that department anyway.  

I'm really sorry to hear about your friend.   I've been hearing about more domestic abuse (not that she was abused) since people are having to stay at home.  Long stretches of being in close proximity isn't always a good thing.   Since she found someone willing to take her in, wouldn't she be better off to go ahead and stay in the house, wearing the mask for a couple of weeks in order to determine, for sure that she doesn't have the virus?   Once she's been there for a while and remains symptom free (better if she could get tested), perhaps the person she's staying with would be willing to relax the mask rule - as long as she's not going out all the time, socializing, working or otherwise associating with a lot of people.   I'd be equally concerned if someone were asking to come stay at my house, when I have no idea who they've been around, when, for how long, etc.  

IMO - your husband is right to ask the difficult questions, since you have a family to protect that comes before everything else.  In fact, my husband has a friend who regularly comes over to spend time with him in his workshop.  Husband talked to this friend yesterday and he mentioned that he'd like to come over this afternoon to see a project husband is working on.   Husband asked if I thought it was safe and my first question was: where has he been the past few weeks and who has he been associating with?  Has he been out and about, potentially becoming infected?  Apparently, he's been staying home like the rest of us.  They never come in the house when the man is here so I won't be directly exposed, but husband could be.   He hasn't said for sure if he's going to tell the man he could come, but it kind of sounded like he would.  He said they'd make sure to keep the social distancing going, etc, but I still have misgivings as it's hard to look at (and explain) a shop project from 6' away.

You're right that when you're in a pandemic situation, everything changes - unfortunately, we become "suspicious" of people we'd never dream of avoiding in normal times.   Once you explain that your husband would require her to wear a mask at your house, as well, she might decide she's just as well off where she is.   Good luck.

There's never a shortage of dirty dishes or laundry is there?   :-)  Probably more in a pandemic than typical.  
She did talk with her hostess, I believe the worry she had was not wearing a mask but causing her hostess to feel so scared that *she* was going to wear a mask, but the hostess relaxed a bit and caused her to feel like she wasn't unwelcome, and said they didn't need to wear masks, so my friend is staying there. Life is so weird right now, I must say.

Weighed myself today on the scale at the new house, before I had eaten anything. I was about .8 heavier than on April 4, which is the last time I had a weight posted on my tracker. So, not down, but not up wildly. I'll keep working on it, since I don't have any interest in being in a weight-loss reporting project for a year or more and never losing more than three pounds. :)

Take care, wash those hands.
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