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Sunday Weigh-In August 1, 2021

Good afternoon... how is everyone doing today?  Sorry I'm so late posting.  I sort of got tied up with a project this morning and once into it, had to finish - you know how that goes!!

Anyway, it's been sort of a hectic week here, though I don't really seem to be all that busy.  Sure it makes sense.  :-)  We're having to mow that lawn more regularly now, since we started getting regular rain.  I know lots of other places that would love to have our rain - some days, I'd be glad to give it to you.  

I saw my doctor on Monday for a follow up on my thyroid.  He's happy with everything, including my cholesterol and triglycerides, though my blood glucose was over the upper limit.  Fortunately, it wasn't terribly high, so I only got a "warning" to start watching it more closely.   I'm still having my tired times, but that seems to be getting better, also.  

My weight has been all over the map again, but that's not really unusual.  The scale shows that I'm up a pound from last week, so I'll have to take that.  It's still too hot get out and walk in the evenings so sometimes the only real exercise I'm getting is when I mow the yard, which is partially done with a push mower for trimming/close up work.  

I'm trying to watch what I'm eating - sometimes that goes well, other times, not so much.  :-)  We found a couple of new fresh vegetable markets so I've been trying to make sure I get enough, but I'm sure even with extra effort, I'm not eating as many veggies as I should be.  Of course, sitting at my desk working on calligraphy projects isn't helping any, though it's very relaxing and I'm loving it.  I'm into a painting class now... we had our second session yesterday and will have the last one next Saturday.  It's all done over Zoom, which is nice because I don't have to pack up a bunch of things to go somewhere.

Our COVID cases are rising and once again, my state has the dubious distinction of leading the country in number of daily cases and deaths.  It's pretty sad and though we're fully vaccinated, it's kind of scary, so we don't go out a lot.  

Anyway, that's my story.  How was your week?  I hope you were able to meet/exceed whatever goal(s) you set for yourself.  I look forward to hearing about them.

~~Wishing everyone a successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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I'm at the farm and the scale is at the house near school, so I just went ahead today without weighing -- tomorrow morning I've got to go to the post office, and will make a stop to weigh in first. My guess is that I'm not down... we bought halvah last week and I ate a lot of it. Even with such indulgences, I seem to be staying near even these days, but because of them I'm not dropping weight.

It's hot here and we haven't seen a lick of rain for at least three weeks. By all means, Barb, send as much rain as you want to get rid of. My husband is watering the yard all the time, though I think most of the water is just evaporating. (Would you water at noon when it is 95 degrees out? Me neither.) I think he's going to break the pump at the farm by running the water so constantly.

I finally got in to see a doctor about my knee that has been hurting out of the blue. He didn't laugh when I told him I thought it had been triggered by my shingles shot, and he did order an X-ray. He didn't think it was from my sciatic nerve (to my surprise. My sister had me convinced.) But that leaves other and more unusual or stupid-sounding things, such as CPPD (also called pseudo gout), and I'm not sure how I feel about that!

In Oregon lately, Covid rules had gotten so relaxed that even movie theaters were open. But the Delta variant has arrived and is responsible for more than half of the Covid cases seen here (at last count -- probably more now) so the mask requirements are tightening up again. A family in Oregon had a reunion last week that made the news for all the wrong reasons -- they were all vaccinated, yet after the big family gathering many of them came down with Covid, and two or three spent a week or more in the hospital. We've got a funeral coming next week in our family, and while I'm not worried about masking during the service (it's formal), one of the cousins is having a get-together the night before for all the relatives coming in from out of town. If I get there and it's crowded and nobody is masking, I'll probably just go home, rather than seem rude to some of them by having a mask on. It's too bad when it's considered unfriendly to mask up, but nobody knows if they are carrying the virus. The stealth nature of the Delta variant is a bugger.

Will drop a line back tomorrow when I weigh in. :-P

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Well, it isn't tomorrow but I did finally weigh. I'm right between the last two weeks' weights, and that represents a tiny loss. Since all of these changes are in the tenths of one pound, I'll just say I'm stuck in the same spot. lol
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