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Sunday Weigh In December 1, 2019

Good morning and happy December... I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I'm sure we're all geared up for shopping for Christmas (if you celebrate).  We went grocery shopping yesterday and the stores were totally mad with shoppers doing the "Black Friday" sales, even though is Saturday.   Last night I got a "wish list" from my daughter of all the things my granddaughter wants for Christmas.  My granddaughter is in the 3rd grade and wants things like an iPad (her dad is getting that) and art markers that cost $30 for a package of 6, sketch pads that cost $20 for 50 sheets, etc... whatever happened to the $10 videos or $20 dolls?  LOL   Gifts keep getting more and more expensive and you get less and less for the money.  

Anyway, I've pretty much recuperated from my surgery (though I think I resumed "normal" life a bit too soon), we're all done with the cruise (although my husband says he's ready for another one), we've gotten through my daughter's final divorce and custody hearing and it turned out as it should... divorce is final and parents share responsibilities (as long as the ex hubs doesn't run out on child support like he did with his child from a previous marriage)... and it looks like we're ready to move on.  

My husband decided that his recliner was causing the backs of his legs to get numb after he sat in it for a while and since furniture does wear out, I convinced him that it was time to get new.  Or daughter took the old sofa off our hands to put in the playroom for her daughter and friends, which left a big gap in our living room, so husband and I went furniture shopping.  It took a couple of days, but we did find a sofa I like and recliner he likes that actually complement each other and go with the rest of the furniture in the LR.  Those will be delivered tomorrow morning.  WooHoo... it's nice to get new things once in a while.

My winter neighbor is back from OR for the rest of the winter and we've started walking again.  I'm back up to, at least 10,000 steps/day, some days much more than that ... sadly, my weight has been fluctuating wildly all week.  In the middle of the week, it was down by nearly 4 lbs from last week and by yesterday it was back up again.  I haven't weighed yet this  morning; I'll do that in a couple of hours and post it later today.  I know it has to be fluid retention because my eating is not erratic enough to be gaining/losing several pounds over the course of a couple of days.

I've been doing a lot of cleaning, sorting and getting rid of things from around the house - of course, this all adds extra exercise - climbing, kneeling, stooping, stretching, etc.  :-)  Maybe by the first of the year, I'll have it all done so I can start the year off nice and clean.  I've been rearranging the house so I can use our guest room (we hardly ever have guests) for my craft room since my calligraphy, wood burning and leather work has been taking up too much space in the dining room.  Now I have to figure out a system so all the paperwork involved with medical stuff, bills and bill paying, etc doesn't take up so much room.  I guess I need to set it up to do it all electronically, but then there are always those medical reports brought home from the doctor's office, etc...

So - that's my week.  I hope you had a great week and that it turned out exactly the way you planned it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Hi, maybe the thing to do is buy one of those automatic scanners that have feeders and sort things by what is written on them. I have a fantasy of some day having a paper-free home office because everything gets scanned into electronic form and shredded, the day it comes in. Of course, probably nothing's that simple! :)

My weigh-in on Friday showed me down a pound and a half, but this morning I'm exactly where I was last week, to the exact tenth of a pound. It could be the late meal I had last night, which was salty (and at midnight too!).  I'll check again tomorrow just in case.

Thanksgiving was fine. My family had a potluck (sisters, mom, nephews all cooked) and every dish was delicious, and then we dropped by my sister-in-law's house where we had a nice time but the food was nowhere near as good. That's probably why my Friday weigh-in was OK-- it was two parties but really, only one meal. My family 's food isn't generally the kind that makes you fat (there was salmon, turkey and several salads, but no marshmallow yams or sweet side dishes, and I didn't have dessert), and then I didn't eat much at my sil's house because it just wasn't alluring by comparison. It was pleasant to get through two Thanksgiving parties without gaining four pounds, even if it would have been temporary.

We had a dusting of snow last night, the first of the season. My son and husband were at the farm, and my son wanted me to Facetime him so he could see the view out of the window of his bedroom. It was also lightly snowing there, but somehow he felt he had to keep track of it here at the new house too. It was pretty cute.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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If I could only be organized enough to set up the electronic payment through the bank as soon as the bill comes in then scanning it and saving them all on a thumb drive... If there was some way to set it so that it would automatically be deleted after a year for regular bills like utilities, etc and 7 yrs for tax things - how easy would that be?  The problem is that I start things with such good intentions then one day when I get ready to carry out my schedule, husband has something we "have" to do right then, and my schedule ends up going by the wayside...  Aside from that, I find little pieces of paper that I can't seem to scan like address labels, business cards, etc - paper just seems to follow me around and pile up like puppies sometimes.  :-)

At least your weigh in hasn't shown you up any; you're lucky on that score.  I get tired of mine being all over the map because I know fat doesn't fluctuate that much.

It sounds like your Thanksgiving was a really good one. It's always kind of nice when you go to a Thanksgiving where the food isn't quite as good if it's not as "good for you" because then you don't eat as much.

We actually ate Thanksgiving out, this year.  I'd planned to cook for us and our daughter and family, but that didn't work out.  I do hope to spend Christmas with them.

Ahh - you're getting the snow, too?  That seems to be the weather pattern in much of the country right now.  That's pretty cute that your son wanted to Facetime to check the snow at both places.  :-)  I hope it's not as treacherous in your neighborhood as it is in some areas.

Have a good week.
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