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Sunday Weigh In December 12, 2021

Good morning.  How's everyone doing this morning?  It's kind of dark and goody here, but am hoping that will go away quickly, once the sun gets all the way up.

This week has been kind of "different"... husband left Thursday for a cruise and will be back home later this morning.  He loves going on cruises, but I wasn't ready to chance it with COVID and now the new variant.  I'm happy to have a few days home by myself to do things I don't normally get done.  

I didn't have a lot of time to do much this time, as I had grocery shopping to do and yesterday was spent moderating/hosting a Zoom class in calligraphy.  It was a wonderful class, but I might have preferred to something else, since I had the day to myself.  :-)

Anyway, I've done okay with this week - I pretty much ate what I wanted with husband gone, but my weight is still the same as it was last week.  I'd like for it to be going down, but at least it's not going up!!  

I know I need to start exercising more - gotta get in some more walking or I'm never going to be able to lose what I need do.   My blood glucose was high when I had my blood work done, but not high enough to considered diabetic (yet).  It was the highest it's ever been, so of course, my doctor is pretty concerned about that.  

I went for my echocardiogram on Wed... I'll go see the cardiologist this week to get the results.  I do hope he doesn't have anything bad to tell me from the echo.   Of course, that's another reason I need to get busy and get some of this weight off.

So how has your week been?   I hope you've been able to meet/exceed whatever goal(s) you set for yourself.  

~~Wishing you a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Hi, this week I fell off a ladder onto my cement driveway when hanging Christmas lights, breaking a bone in my arm.  The cast makes it really hard to type, plus it being always on my arm makes it impossible to know how much I weigh! I'll just record my weight "plus cast" and next week will be able to note any change. (I think that right now I'm about like last week, down a little bit.) Then in 4 weeks or so, I'll have the happy surprise of a weight drop when they take the cast off! lol

Barb, I sure hope your husband doesn't bring home a case of Omicron. My nephew got it, and says that for him (vaccinated) it was milder than a cold. But still, who wants it?

Since typing with an L-shaped cast on that goes from the upper arm to the hand is such a pain, I'll let this be it. Have a good week!
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Oh dear - I'm so sorry about your tumble.  I'm sure the cast makes it very difficult to do a lot of things - depending on which arm it is.   Staying the same isn't so bad, but if you think you might be down a little, that's even better.  And yes - you'll the happy surprise of how much weight you've lost when you get the cast off.  :-)

Husband got home this morning.  I, too, worried about the possibility that he might bring home Omicron.  He had to do a COVID test within 48 hrs of leaving on the cruise so we know he didn't have it when he left.  He seems to be fine, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  We are fully vaccinated, with boosters, so we'll just have to hope he was careful enough.  

Again, I'm really sorry about your broken arm.  Although it might put a damper on Christmas preparations, I hope it doesn't impede the process of getting the new house ready, etc.  Hoping you heal quickly.   I hope you'll let husband hang the rest of the Christmas lights... :-)  Be safe.
Right arm, and I'm right-handed, alas. At least it was the last clip of the last light. :-)
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