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Sunday Weigh In - February 12, 2012

Okay, boys and girls, we've come through another week and it's once again time for weigh in. I hope everyone else is doing better than me!!

Just when I think things are settling down, and I'm going to lose some weight, something happens to mess it up.

I've been doing relatively well with my eating; only went overboard once, when we had pizza.  I've walked for at least an hour every single day this past week - averaging approximately 3-4 miles at a brisk pace, so I can't say I haven't been exercising either.  Plus, I've upped my water intake.

The problem?  I woke up one morning with excessive swelling throughout my body.  My feet hurt horribly when I walked (but I did it anyway) and it hurt to bend my fingers and knees.  This added several pounds that I couldn't afford to gain.  On top of that, I had new thyroid tests done last week and my levels are not where they should be, which always has a negative impact on my weight.

I have an appointment with my endo tomorrow and I'm hoping to be able to talk him into an increase in my thyroid medication, but because all of my levels fall into the so-called "normal" range, I don't think he will, so I'm going to have to come up with a game plan of my own.  Still formulating that plan in my head.

While I feel horrible at this weight gain, I know I'm not eating enough in one day to gain 5 pounds over night, specifically, since our weight should be lowest when we first get up in the morning, plus my 3-4 mile daily walk is using up some of the calories.  Mine isn't holding true to that, as it usually goes down a pound or 2, sometimes more, by the end of the day. I think I'm going to start weighing on Sat night, instead of Sunday morning.

On that note, I'm off to go visit with Auntie .............. what about everyone else?  I hope you're all doing better than I am.

Remember: we all win by losing......... weight.

Wishing everyone a great, successful week.
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I need help bad can u help
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214.3 yesterday... Not doing so well here.
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Feb 15 2012

So I was on a row with my diet. But then when I went to the fridge to make a salad for my daughter and me. I noticed that all my food was spoiled. Apparently my fridge was changing temperatures based on the weather outside. So I had to trash all NEW groceries. Also that left me with little money for new groceries. So for two weeks we been eating whatever we found to be inexpensive to eat for a family of four. Witch pretty much meant NO fruits or veggies. Also the stress from it caused to me get off my sleep scheduled again.

:( I weighed my self Sunday morning. I had lost 2 more lbs. 197 to 195. BUT when I weighed my self this morning I and the scale reads 197 again.

So seeing as how my weight in's are on Wednesday's, I actually didn't lose ANYTHING from last week. I am still sitting on the 197 line. But I am going to look at it as a good thing. It is my chance to change something up so that I can lose weight by next weeks weight in. And I'm going to try NOT to gain back everything I lost.
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I was doing so well.. then I wasn't.

My husband had a bad week and unfortunately it really effected me much more than I should let it. He has Charcot-Marie-Tooth which leads to muscular atrophy in his legs in a similar manner to MS. On bad days, it's pretty bad-random muscle spasms, weakness, and extreme fatigue. He had 3 bad days in a row. His third day he called into work and didn't bother trying to shower until evening because he just didn't have the energy. He's my pool buddy and I'm still learning how to swim so I feel it's pointless and unsafe to go without him (also I don't drive). Weak excuse I still could have done yoga, but that's where it was. Then on top of that I baked him brownies to try to lift his mood... and ate half of them. Go me.

Besides the brownies though I actually did pretty good for food; kept it mainly between 1450-1480. I also am excited because I found a dairy free, egg free, low fat caesar dressing recipe that actually tastes like it should. (Although it's the first time I've had caesar dressing in about 5 years, so it may be off a little.) Anyway I had a lot of salads and a lot of spinach this week with a tbsp of my dressing which added almost nothing but flavor and it was FANTASTIC. Down below for anyone who wants it.


My weight is a little confusing. Last week I was on lot of prune juice to get myself moving and so I'm unsure if some of my weight loss (2.2 lbs) last week was due to that or I gained 1 lb this week. Either way I'm moving on. After 4 days of thunderstorms I see sun, so I'm going to get my hands dirty and tackle the house and garden with some good o' .... er fall cleaning.

And Drewlevas- .7lbs is great. Don't get too bummed about it, especially after something as stressful as an ER visit. Hopefully the meds will balance you out and you'll kick our butts next week :D
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Very sorry to hear about trips to ER, but hopefully, things will be fine now, with new med.  Congrats on the 0.7 lb loss.
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I wanted to say 30 hours on observations.
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Very bad week! I ended up in the ER for heart arthymia. I stayed there for 30 on oberseration ended up having a series of test. They sent me home with a new medication. Had to have an other trip to the ER. So even it started well last week I had lost almost 2 lbs, I regained most of it! So I'm down 0.7 lbs for the last two weeks.
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