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Sunday Weigh-In July 11, 2021

Good morning... yep, it's still morning!!  :-)  How is everyone doing this morning?  It's all good here.  We were gone all of last to make a quick trip to Virginia to see husband's sister before she moves back to Texas.  It was a nice trip, other than the parts we spent driving in rain caused by Tropical Storm Elsa.  Fortunately, Elsa didn't do any damage when she went by our house so everything was intact when we got home.  We're grateful for that.

Anyway, during our trip to VA, we spent lots of time in the mountains... wow, I've been all over the country, but never had to drive on those steep, winding roads.  Talk about white knuckles... Quite an experience.  

I didn't do too bad in the weight department while we were gone.  I think there might actually have been times, I'd have been down a bit, but didn't have a scale to verify that.  We didn't eat regular meals while visiting SIL, so there wasn't much chance of overeating.  I ate mostly fresh cherries and watermelon that I'd taken with in the cooler.  We did go out for breakfast, once and I ate bacon, which of course, caused me to retain fluid.  I've gotten rid of most, but not all of it.  

That said, my weight is still bouncing around and yesterday, it did show that I was up a couple of pounds from when we left home on Monday.  I think that will come down once I get rid of all the fluid.  

It's starting to cool off a bit earlier in the evenings now, so I think I'm going to try my evening walks again.  I've also decided it's time to go back to my yoga.   Yoga gives me more energy and makes my muscles feel longer/leaner.

So that's me - I'll go ahead and claim a 2 lb gain, with hopes of dropping it off within a couple of days.  

How was your week?  I hope you were able to meet whatever goal(s) you set for yourself.

~~Wishing you wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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I believe they intend to head for Crater Lake. I won't be with them, they enjoy themselves fine without me along, and I get a break. To clean out the house. lol
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Ahhh - I've heard Crater Lake is beautiful.  I used to know someone who went there periodically.  I get what you mean about you getting a break.  I wouldn't mind if my husband went on a vacation by himself, so I could have a break - to clean my house!!  lol
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I'm at the same weight as last week. I've mostly stayed off the sweets, prompted by a painful knee condition. Everything I've read points to inflammation, maybe triggered by a shingles shot I had or possibly from a nerve problem, and obviously sugar increases inflammation. It's easier to refuse sweet things when your knee is aching and you can barely walk, and you suspect the sugar is adding to the pain. I've been replacing Dr. Pepper with coffee, and for some reason that works although I don't put sugar in my coffee. (Maybe because I put full-fat cream in it. lol) If I get out of this painful-knee time having broken the Dr. Pepper habit for good, it will be a major life improvement.

Now that the pandemic restrictions here are eased, we've been going to things with other people again, and I've been updating my wardrobe and basically seeing if any of my old clothes still apply to my life. Have bought some good sandals and a few linen summer dresses on eBay, to replace the pants and v-necks I've worn for a year straight.  If I'm able to stay with the no-sugar plan, I might even be able to go down a size. It's nice to wear sundresses, I feel like I've been in hibernation.

Husband and son are making travel plans, and I'm making clean-out-the-house plans. That's summer!

Have a great week!
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Yay for you being able to stay the same.  I wish I could for a couple of weeks instead of bouncing all over the scales.  

I’m really sorry to hear about that knee, but you’re right - it’s easier to stay off something when you suspect it’s causing adverse effects.   Maybe you should talk to your doctor and try to get an x-ray or MRI to find out what’s wrong with it.   Some PT could go a long way towards making it feel better.   It sounds like you’ve done great with the Dr Pepper.   I’m not surprised that coffee can take the place of your Dr Pepper… I drink a lot of coffee and very little soda.  I don’t put cream in my coffee but I’ve read a lot of articles that say full fat dairy can easily take the place of sweeter items because the fat is satisfying.  I do use coconut oil in my tea.  Perhaps I should try some cream in my coffee… it might make me less hungry for the pizza, potatoes, etc that husband prefers!!  

I do still fit into my sundresses, but haven’t worn them this year because I don’t like the way they look after gaining so much weight.   Maybe by next summer I’ll be at a weight at which I’ll feel comfortable in dresses again.  For the time being, I did purchase some new pants and tops for summer.   As soon as I brought the new ones home, I removed an equal number from my closet and put them in the Hospice Thrift Store box to be donated.   I’m not inclined to buy a lot of new clothes until I’ve dropped some of this weight.

It’s nice to be able to get out and socialize a bit again, isn’t it?  

Any idea what husband and son are planning for travel or is that a surprise for after the “clean out the house” project is done?  LOL
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