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Sunday Weigh In July 5, 2020

Good morning.  How is everyone doing on this holiday weekend?  I hope you had a great (and safe) 4th of July, however you decided to celebrate it.  Because my state is having record numbers of new coronavirus cases, we stayed home and worked on projects, as we've been doing for the past few months.   Pubic fireworks displays in the area were cancelled due to the virus, but there were a few people in the neighborhood who had private fireworks.  We could see some of those quite well from our screen porch, so we did get to enjoy a few pretties.  

It was a quiet week since we've pretty much completed the construction project we had going to improve our pantry area.  I still have a few pieces of molding to figure out, but that won't take much... It's just a matter of cutting a couple pieces of wood to match the wood that was used in the project.  

Healthwise, nothing has changed much except my neck may be getting a little bit better, though it's still quite painful when I turn my head or move it certain ways.  I'm still seeing the chiropractor weekly and hoping we can cut that down a little soon, but she still seems to think there's more improvement on the horizon... I'm hoping that visiting the chiropractor on a weekly basis doesn't become a lifetime project.  :-)

Diet-wise, I'm trying to cut back on the amount of food I'm eating, but so far I haven't seen an improvement in weight.  I don't think I'll see that until I can get my thyroid hormone levels back to something resembling normal... The last tests I had showed both thyroid hormones (Free T4 and Free T3) to be below range and as I noted, at the time, my endo only allowed me a very small increase in medication on one day of the week.  This has had no beneficial effect on how I feel OR my weight.

I've been saying (for how long?) that I'm going to get my treadmill opened up and start using it again... I finally did that yesterday.  Yay me!!  It was raining outside and I really needed some exercise.  I did a 30 minute walk on the treadmill.  I know that's not much, but considering that I haven't been walking since my neighbor left for the summer, in April, 30 minutes is pretty good.  I did start out slowly, but by the time my 30 minutes was up, I was at a comfortable 3 mph.  I know that's not "fast", but it's a pretty good clip for someone who hasn't been doing much exercise at all.  The most important thing is that it's a start...

At one point during the week, I was down a pound from last week, but I'm not sure if that's still the case... As I noted, I doubt I'll see much impact on my weight until my thyroid hormone medication gets adjusted to the point at which my levels rise enough to affect my metabolism in a positive way.  I'm supposed to do thyroid blood work at the end of July, as ordered by the endo, and will also do other routine blood work ordered by my pcp in preparation for an August appointment.  The endo is merely checking numbers - that's all he's interested in regardless of the symptoms I have, etc - and I'm  not scheduled to see him until October, but I'm hoping my pcp will be willing to step in and do "something" when I see him next month though I have doubts since doctors are very reluctant to step on each other's toes.

So - that's my week and "dilemma"...  :-)  How has your week been?  I hope you've reached all the goals you set.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Be safe and wash your hands**
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Yay about getting the treadmill up and running!  I just wanted to chime in and say that when I walk on the treadmill (usually I run, and try to avoid the treadmill as much as possible, but sometimes I do walking intervals), I "plan" on doing 3.4-3.6 mph, but my body really likes walking at 3, sometimes as slow as 2.8 mph, depends on how I'm feeling that day.  3 mph is pretty good.
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Hi Sarah -  I don't typically like the treadmill either because there's nothing to look at or occupy my mind, but I have it and it's been so hot (or raining) here there really isn't a good time of day to walk outside unless I go at the crack of dawn.   I often vary the speed at which I go when I'm on the treadmill, also... Because I haven't been walking regularly for the past couple of months, I actually started at about 1.5 mph to "warm up", but as I got used to it, I was able to gradually increase the speed to 2 mph, then 2.5 and finally up to 3 mph (my treadmill goes in 0.5 mph increments).  When I'm in "top form" I can do 3.5-4.0 mph for short periods but it will take a while to get there now that I'm so out of shape.

I've figured out that when my neighbor and I walk together as we do daily during the winter, we probably go about 3 mph.  That's based on a measured 5K trail we've walked  and it took us right at an hour to walk it.   The path we walk most days is approximately 1.5 miles and we do that in 30 minutes.  When we walk together, my neighbor often gets going a lot faster than I can go... she's quite a bit taller than I so her stride is much longer and  I sometimes find myself almost running to keep up so have to consciously slow down because that's too much to keep up for any length of time though it's probably "good" for me.  :-)
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We were at our little house on the 4th, which is in a neighborhood in a small valley. The population apparently lost their minds when it came to fireworks last night. We took a bit of a walk after dark, and every other house was either lighting a forest of firecrackers in the middle of the street, firing off mortars, or shooting giant fireworks into the air with cannons (illegal here except for sanctioned displays by municipalities). This was far more scofflaw behavior than we ever see in the country, and there are plenty in the country. It was kind of fascinating and terrifying at the same time -- you'd walk down the sidewalk next to someone's tall hedge and suddenly a cannon would go off in your ear. I'm surprised nobody blew themselves to pieces or lit the neighborhood on fire.

I'll have to weigh tomorrow morning before eating, which I was unable to do today since the scale is at the farm and we're at the little house.  We go to the farm daily to feed the barn cat, pick up mail and take care of our one pet cat that we left behind. Today, she minced daintily downstairs (she had been asleep in our room), ate a hearty meal, stretched, and went outside; tomorrow evening we'll let her back in and feed her, and she'll sleep in our room again. (Sleeping one night in the barn and one night in the house was her idea.) If she was a better car rider, we'd bring her with the rest of the pets when we shift houses, but it's not worth the trauma for a stay of only a few days. (Watching her delicately traipse down the stairs you'd never believe the vomit, poop and pee she manages to produce in her carrier in the first one minute of a car ride. She was a rescue from a location at least 8 hours from here, and I can't help but wonder if the van ride to Portland was a horror show and that's why she gets so terrified in a vehicle.)                      Anyway, we'll move back to the farm in a couple of days, and she'll be able to come in every night again. I think she will appreciate it, she doesn't like the barn cat much.

My guess about my weight is that I might be down a pound or possibly a pound and a half. I've deliberately cut quantities, and have been sure not to buy sweets to replace those that we have slowly but surely eaten up. We're down to a few very old macaroons in a can and a box of fortune cookies, and nobody has enough of a sweet tooth to get that desperate. lol

Will check in tomorrow after weighing.

Keep safe!

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Guess I spoke a little too soon about the sweets. Yesterday was my birthday, and my husband brought home pies and cheesecake. I haven't been to the farm yet today, but when I do I'll bring the scale back with me, and will weigh first thing tomorrow morning. Cross fingers that the cheesecake didn't shoot my whole last week.
Hmmm - I could have sworn that I commented here yesterday.  I wonder if MH is having some of the old problems back again...
I haven't seen any loss of posts, with the exception of the kind that occasionally don't post until the next person posts, and even that error hasn't happened a noticeable amount lately.

Well, I did weigh this morning, and am .5 up from last week. These tiny losses and gains -- since starting again with the new scale, I've been up and down in the same half pound for three weeks. I'm going to obviously need to do something more drastic in the exercise and diet department to get any kind of bigger weekly change. At least all the birthday food didn't bump me up two or three pounds, and it could have!

Have a good week!
I haven't seen any sign of lost posts, either but I'm sure I posted on this thread yesterday because I commented on your cat riding in the car and mentioned how our dog used to be like your cat, after a very pleasant hour ride home from her previous owner.

It's odd... but then this is MedHelp and strange things are known to happen.  :-)  :-)
How can you say such a thing?  :-)
LOL - it just popped off the tips of my fingers as they flew across the keyboard.   :-)
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