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Sunday Weigh In - June 5, 2022

Good morning.  How is everyone this morning?  I hope you all had a safe, happy Memorial Day.  I'm guessing that school is out for most student now, so it's time to make summer plans.  I mentioned earlier that we have a cruise planned in August for a cruise to celebrate our 55th anniversary.  We're hoping it doesn't get cancelled.

It's been something of a hectic week for me, but some days, all I've gotten done is spinning my wheels, even though I stay busy.   We're working on a project for the calligraphy guild - a half-time project for a music festival.  We have some dilemmas to get worked out, but, as they say - anything is possible.

The work on my project for woodworking club came to a screeching halt, when the calligraphy project arose, so I have to get back to that.  I have only a week to get it finished.  Fortunately, all the pieces are cut and ready to assemble.  I think I'm working on that today, with husband's help since I need a couple of extra hands to hold everything while I apply glue and screws.  

So being busy, for me, doesn't necessarily mean being "active", so it's hard to get in enough exercise some days.  That said, I haven't weighed this morning, but on Friday, I was down a pound from last week.  I'll take it.  I might be back up a little bit, as I ate some salty food last night, but I'm okay with that because I know it's fluid retention.  I'll weigh when the fluid has gone down and see where I am.

How's your week been?  With the kids out of school (or close to it), what kinds of things do you have to keep them occupied for the summer?   I hope you had a great week and reached all the goals you set for yourself.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**

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Thanks to being so busy with moving, I've kept the weight off and lost another pound. This has come from increased activity, plus (to a smaller extent) from the inability to snack because the kitchen is not fully assembled. (We still don't have our stove installed, and with paintbrushes and paint trays all over the counters, it's not a place for cooking.) We have a kitchenette-sized fridge, so keep things for our son's school lunches and small items, just not a lot of food. In the daytime unless my husband is around to go to lunch, I just drink tea and wait for dinner. Dinners have mostly been out: nearby are sushi, Vietnamese and Mexican restaurants, easy, healthy and not costly, plus a couple of places with fancy chefs. I eat a pretty light diet, which hasn't changed much. Adding the constant movement has seemed to be where the weight loss has come from. And if so, the question becomes how to keep the activity going once everything is unpacked, cleaned and painted. (Not that this will happen soon! lol)

My mom and her husband need to move from their house to assisted care, due to Mom having a stroke a month ago. They caught on immediately what it was and the docs were able to dissolve the clot with medication, but she is still less able to take care of herself. This means her kids are scrambling to do visits to senior-living centers, and once we find something (not easy) then we will have to gather and sort Mom's house (not easy either) and do some fix-up before selling it. Since this hit when I was also busy selling a house and setting up another, I wasn't as free to pitch in as my sisters thought I should be. (I'm glad it wasn't also tax time, that would have been the end of my relationship with them.) Now at least I'll be able to help the effort. Mom's house needs attention, mostly cosmetic but it still takes time.

School won't be out until June 22, and my son is scrambling to get homework in and begin to study for finals. He's going to take Trig as a summer class, ambitious because it begins at 8:30 am and he is simply not a morning boy. But he wants the class off his list. I'm all for it. His problems in school this last term came from having too much work. Spreading it out so it's not 7 classes per term is a great idea.

Weather here is springlike for sure. We're in a rain/sun pattern for a while, great for the garden.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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You’ve done really well with your weight.  Congratulations on being down another pound.  You have to be pretty close to your goal weight, aren’t you?   It’s very difficult to cook in a kitchen that isn’t really there.  Since you’re not eating regular meals, make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need - especially protein to keep your muscles strong.  

As to how to keep the activity going once all the “work” is done, you might need to implement a daily walk with some weight exercise.  But of course, any kind of activity counts, including gardening/yard work, cleaning, etc.

I’m sorry to hear about your mom having a stroke.  It’s not easy to find good senior living accommodations, but of course, it will all depend on how much care she needs or if she just needs someone to check on her daily.  We have places here, that have “independent” living, in which the resident does their own cooking, cleaning, etc, but there’s someone to check on them daily or whatever.  It goes from independent living all the way to nursing home situations.   We lucked out finding an excellent place for my Auntie (who had dementia, breast cancer, etc), but she’s been gone for 10 yrs and things have changed a lot, from what I understand.   Good luck

Wow - seriously, your son isn’t out of school until June 22?  Do they always got that late into the summer?    The latest I remember our schools, here, going was around June 10 - that’s when I was working for the county school board.  

I think it’s a good thing that your son is going to take trig over the summer, if that will lessen his load during the school year.  Does he have to get up and go to the class or is it online/Zoom?   I’d agree that taking a class over the summer to get it off the list is a good thing.  

I’m glad you’re finally getting some spring weather.   We’re into summer weather, even though it’s not summer.  It’s near 90 degrees.

Have a great week.  :-)
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