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Sunday Weigh In June 7, 2020

Good morning... how are things in your world?  It's rainy and dreary here, so it's pretty quiet.

We've been getting rain from the Tropical Storm in the Gulf of Mexico, for the past couple of days, so haven't been able to get out and do anything - not that there's a lot to do anyway except our lawn desperately needs to be mowed now that we've had rain... lol

Other than the rain, everything is going okay...  We're still sticking pretty close to home most of the time, except for going out to buy food and attend appointments.  

I had another appointment with my chiropractor on Tuesday and I'm still not sure whether it's helping a lot.  There seems to be some things that have improved, but, unfortunately, the pain in my neck hasn't gotten that much better.  The chiropractor says the muscles in my neck are "looser" than when we started and she's been able to "get the kinks out" of a couple other spots, which is a good thing.  We'll continue with the treatments for another couple of weeks and see how it goes.  Major relief would be awesome, but I'm not really expecting it quickly...

I'd mentioned in previous posts that I'd been working on refinishing an old cedar chest... I finished that and got it moved into the house.  Now I have a place to store all those unused blankets and other bedding, etc...  that's a good thing.  Another good thing is that the cedar chest is also out of my workshop so I can move on with other projects now, with more space to actually work.  

Weight-wise, isn't go good... I haven't weighed this morning, but a couple of days ago, it looked like I was gaining about 0.5 lbs per day... I haven't changed my eating patterns, but am still craving sweets and not exercising like I need to be doing.  The rain and not being able to get outside makes a huge difference with the exercise.  I did finally get my treadmill "unearthed" (I was sort of using it for a blanket rack), so now all I need to do is open it up and start using it...  We have to take these things one step at a time, you know!!   :-)

I have been trying to make sure I do certain stretches on a regular basis in hopes that it will help with the horrible muscle cramps I get.  I'm now getting them all over my body and the magnesium I've been told to take just isn't helping like the doctors thought it would.  My chiropractor seems to think it's something systemic because my sister gets them, as well.  I learned the other day that my daughter is getting them also.  Makes me wonder if the chiropractor is onto something there - that there's something that runs in my family, causing them.  She says it's up to my pcp to figure that one out - right, we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, that's my week... how has yours been?  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Hi, well, I think I'm about the same. Since we packed our oddly behaving digital scale off to the Goodwill and the new one has not arrived yet, I can't catch the point-2 changes I've been tracking in the past. I have access to a rather vague old-fashioned scale with a dial, and think it says exactly the same as last week. The new scale should arrive sometime in this week, and then I can see changes more clearly -- I need those decimals because it's almost never even as much as a pound up or down of late. (And I have to say, with all the quarantine-based changes in my activity level, it's actually not a bad thing to be the same -- it beats gaining.) I saw something in an article about Covid-19 where someone joked that by the time the quarantine was over we'd all be fat alcoholics. I've never been at risk of the latter, but I'll be glad to dodge the fat bullets if I can.

We had one social event this last week, the first since we began quarantining in March (except going to my sister's and sitting in the back yard on Mother's Day with my mom). My uncle had a birthday, and my husband kind of rashly asked him and my aunt over to have drinks, which they had to change to earlier in the day so we made it "coffee." I think the two men were just impatient with being shut in, so they took it into their own hands. When someone comes over for coffee at 1 pm, it seems like you have to assume they might not have had lunch yet, and you are sort of obligated to provide something to eat along with just coffee, either a sweet thing or little cocktail sandwiches or something, Naturally, my husband didn't think about this at all (and wondered why I even felt obliged). I put on gloves and prepped a big tray of tiny sandwiches and dished up some ramekins of grapefruit wedges, and hoped for the best. We all stayed masked except when eating, and I had all the windows open, and we mostly stayed 6 feet apart, and it was nice to have them over. But if someone gets sick this week, it's going to be one of those "who gave it to whom?" things. (And for what? Just to have a cup of coffee?) It's just so hard to tell what's safe.

Our little suburban town held a protest march, and four thousand people showed up, which is about a fifth of the population. When they reached City Hall, the police took a knee with the crowd. This is a very middle-class or even slightly wealthy suburban place, not totally lily-white but our biggest minority groups are Asian, with a relatively small amount of African Americans. I NEVER would have guessed the inhabitants (especially the white ones) had much of a sense of social justice. The march was organized by a young woman still of college age who went to high school here, and it just gives me so much hope that the kids will get it right where their parents and grandparents were OK just riding along with the status quo and not seeing the inequities. Cross fingers for that.

Have a great week!
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I'm thrilled to hear that someone isn't gaining... I seem to be going up by about a pound/day for the past few days...  I'm up by a full 15 lbs since this time last year - about 1/2 that just since the first of this year...

Good luck on getting your new scale - it seems that it's taking forever to get anything these days.  

It sounds like the visit from your aunt and uncle was handled pretty carefully with the masks, social distancing, etc.  My husband has had a friend over several times over the past month and so far, it's been okay... they stay in my husband's shop and talk building stuff and/or admiring what the other has made.  I don't think they're very good at social distancing either.  We're probably lucky none of us us has gotten sick.  

I've seen quite a few places in which police have taken a knee with protestors.  It's nice to see people agreeing with each other and seems hopeful.   So far, the protests in my area have been mostly peaceful, too.  
Smarter to take a knee in empathy than to go out armed to the teeth and thinking everyone is a threat. But empathy is more complex. Maybe that's why more don't do it.

Anyway, yes, the pounds are good (I want at least ten of them to go away, but it's a relief that ten more have not arrived during this sedentary time full of home cooking!) But the tummy is not good. I think I look about like I did when 4 months pregnant -- generally slender or average overall, and then this jutting gut if I don't remember to stand up straight. And don't get me started on how I look if I'm not wearing something like jeans with a structured waistline that tends to hold me together. The other day I was wearing lightweight cotton knit pants like yoga pants but a bit less tight in the legs, and got the side view, and there was I, channeling Pregnant AnnieBrooke. It was appalling.

When I get worried I begin to find stupid gadgets that will supposedly solve my problem interesting on the Internet, and the one that's catching my eye lately is a weighted vest. They're supposed to make you get more exercise for the same movements (like a bat weight in Little League). I keep telling myself they can't be that successful or everyone would be talking about them. But I look them up every now and then anyway, especially after seeing my profile in the mirror!

Have a great day. :)
I'm somewhat behind here... did you end up ordering the weighted vest or are you still eyeing it?  I've seen the vests and I think there's also a weighted waist band thing, as well.  I agree that if they work so well, everyone would be using them/talking about them.  

I think we all have one area of the body we don't like - mine is, typically, my thighs, which seem overly heavy to me.  The problem is that when we lose weight, we're losing it from all over the body, not just one place, so we have to exercise those muscles to get them in shape so that part of the body doesn't look "out of place" on us.  If I do enough walking and other strength training, my thigh muscles tighten up and thighs don't look as heavy.  My problem now, is that my stomach is also getting large, so that means another set of exercises to work on those muscles...

Walking and yoga have been the 2 types of exercise that seem to work best for me.  Yep, I need to get started...  :-)
No, I just keep seeing it online and thinking a) "that looks easy" and b) "waste of money it won't work." But that doesn't keep it from catching my eye again later. lol
LOL - I've done the same thing with a few supplements I've seen advertised.  You know the ones.  They tell you that you'll lose a ton of weight without diet or exercise.  They make it sound like all one has to do is "look at them" and the weight will fall off.   :-) :-)
Given that it probably is equally as effective to look at them as to buy and use them, just look at the photograph of them any time. The effect will be about as good. lol
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