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Sunday Weigh-In March 17, 2019

Good morning everyone... well, another week down and we've had a cool-down, though still nothing like many parts of the country are still getting.  We're just a few days from official spring, so I'm hoping that those places still seeing the snow storms, blizzards, and freezing rain will start warming up and seeing signs of spring.  

Of course, we've had our semi-annual time change, which always throws me for a loop and takes a few weeks to get adjusted. I hear a lot of people have the same problems.  

I've now been through 3 of the 4 procedures on my legs - 2 on the right, so it's done now and 1 on the left.  The first procedure was done on March 6 and it was, by far, the worst... If you recall, that was the one in which they didn't give me enough lidocaine to adequately deaden my leg, so had to give several more shots as the procedure was in process and I could feel much of it.  There's bruising all up my leg from that one and still considerable pain. Of course, that one and the last one were long veins, so went, basically, from shin to thigh... the thigh is a pretty tender area so anything done there is more apt to leave soreness.  The last procedure has left soreness, but no bruising, since they increased the amount of lidocaine on all subsequent procedures and although they did have to administer more shots during the procedures, they were much easier.  

Anyway, I'm still trying to heal from all this so my exercise has been what I would normally because I'm not allowed to do any lifting, pushing, pulling or anything that would put too much weight/exertion on my legs.  We don't, typically, think about that as we go about our daily routine, but once I had the first procedure done, I realized how much pressure simple tasks put on my legs and much pain it can cause.  Anyway, I was instructed to walk and "be careful" - with the focus being on blood clot prevention.  An ultrasound on Friday confirmed that I've managed to avoid that, so far, so they tell me I'm pretty much out of the woods in that regard and the blood is flowing through other veins nicely, as anticipated.

I have one more procedure to be done - that was originally scheduled for this coming Wednesday, the 20th, but the wonderful scheduling person (y'all remember her...lol), changed that this week, moving it out to the 29th even though she insists that she "always" schedules both procedures on each leg to be done within the same week - so much for that declaration, since we have 16 days between the 2 procedures on my left leg.  I love my doctor there and the person that's been doing the bulk of these procedures, but I've actually considered changing doctors, simply to avoid having to have future interaction with this scheduling person.  I'm not sure if she treats all patients the same way she's treated me, but the person who's been doing the bulk of my procedures has mentioned that several people haven't shown up for appointments... I can't help but wonder if she has anything to do with that - simply her personality or if she's messing up/confusing their appointments as she's done with mine.

Anyway, weight-wise, I'm not doing so well... I'm up by 1.2 lbs.  Although I've been doing plenty of walking, I haven't been doing the total steps I normally do, plus my diet hasn't been the best ever this past week.  I've been relying more on sandwiches and quick foods, rather than doing a lot of cooking, because when I'm not up walking around, I'm supposed to be sitting with my feet up, not standing in one place (in front of the stove), plus I've been in enough pain when I walk to make pretty undesirable to be up and about too terribly much.  

The pain is a bit less each day, so I expect to be able to do more as I go along and since my next procedure isn't until the 29th, I should be completely healed and back to normal exercise by then.  In addition, the next procedure will done on the calf, which is a short vein so it shouldn't cause a lot of pain and/or bruising.  WooHoo...

Anyway, that's my story... what about yours?  I hope you had more success than I did.

~~Wishing you a wonderful, successful week~~
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Sheez, Barb, you're going to have to put your leg-model career on hiatus for a while! I would definitely talk to the doctor about how inadequate the scheduler is. If enough people comment, they might do something about getting better staff.

I'm down .4 of a pound. The pace is again just dribs and nibs, but at least going down is the right direction. Have been looking at houses this week, a stressful thing even though in the past we've liked to drop in on the odd open house just for fun. Unfortunately, the houses I've seen are all either actively boring or a big panic (because we like them but they need so much work that it frightens my husband) or in two cases, very frustrating because we liked the house but it was listed yesterday and already had an accepted offer today. I'm sure that last -- the haste with which good houses are snapped up -- is because most houses available in our desired school district are not that great for one reason or another. We did see one yesterday that we totally loved, but the darn thing is wildly over the budget range we had chosen. This opened the question of whether we could do it anyway because it ticked a lot of boxes, and whether we should re-think our budget assumptions because we probably were looking in too low a price bracket. I was so not wanting to have to do a total re-think! I've been searching in one bracket and know what's out there, doing an uptick it will mean reconfiguring everything and talking to the banker again. But maybe it would be better if we would be happy there and not so happy in the lesser places I've been touring. In any case, it falls on me to make this work.  :P

At least we've been having nice weather here. We seem to finally be past the days of surprise spring snowfalls. Today it's going to be 70+ degrees, sunny and clear. Husband and son are out bike riding when two weeks ago they were making a snowman.

On to Zillow now, to make my list of open houses. Hope the week goes well!
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