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Sunday Weigh In - March 27, 2022

Good morning.  I hope everyone is looking forward to a lovely day.  It's gotten chillier here again, but hoping it doesn't stay that way for long.  It usually warms up nicely during the day, even when nights are a bit colder.

It's been a pretty dull week here... I've spent most of it sitting in my recliner with my head propped up on pillows, following the surgery on my eyelids/brows.  I'm ready for all the stitches to be out and healing to be done, but of course, we know it will take a a while for all that.   The stitches in my eyelids will dissolve on their own; the ones in my brows have to be removed.  That appointment is on Thursday.  

Most of the oozing is gone - I'm just dealing with blurry vision caused by antibiotic ointment getting into my eyes.  So - since I've not been allowed to do much of anything - no housework, bending at the waist, etc, I've had a hard time trying to get in a bit of exercise now and then.  A short walk across the yard is about the most I've been able to do.  

Although I was doing really well with my weight, that seems to have done an abrupt turn around.  I haven't weighed this morning, but a couple of days ago, I was up by 6 pounds from last week.  I know that's not all fat.  I did put a ham in the oven the other day, so we'd have something cooked to eat - as we know, ham has tons of salt and isn't the best thing in the world for us.  Anyway, that's mostly what we've been eating - ranging from baked ham to ham sandwiches and yesterday I put the left overs into scalloped potatoes.  You can imagine what my feet and hands look/feel like after eating all that salt.

This week, I think I'll be able to get out and exercise a little more so hopefully, I can, at least get the swelling down and get back to a more "normal" weight.

So - what about y'all?  I hope you've had a good week and were able to meet your goal(s).  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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My weight is pretty much staying the same; I weighed this morning .2 of a pound less than last week. That's OK with me, because I've had some favorite snacks in the house that I've been eating all week. It's just fine that my weight didn't go up even if it didn't come down much.

It's definitely spring here. We've got quince, forsythia, of course daffodils, and cherry trees blooming like crazy. Some of the flowering shrubs in the full sun in our back yard are showing that last year, when we had a heat dome like never seen before (115-116 degrees), they got damaged. One of our magnolias looks really peculiar: it has exactly three big blooms on the whole plant, nothing else (no leaves). I'm hoping it's just set back in its growth, not mostly dead.

It's also spring break in our school district. My son spent the week doing late homework. Today he was supposed to go with his aunt to a concert at the beach, but that was cancelled, so he really hasn't had any fun at all. If he had been able to work straight through without stopping, he might possibly have gotten the homework backlog done in three days, but he says the work is so boring that after a few hours he looks right at an assignment and can't even focus. It's still an open question if he'll finish the last two late assignments he is working on today. (Don't know what he'll say to one teacher if he doesn't get her overdue paper done by tonight, she's given him all kinds of time allowance.) Though having no spring break is a shame and I've been told classwork burnout is real too, I'm just thankful he had a week's hiatus from going to class and getting more assignments piled on, so he had a chance to catch up. After being an A student at his last school, his self-esteem plummeted when he began to feel he probably looked bad to his teachers, and like he couldn't even keep up enough to be a C student. If he goes back tomorrow with everything done, I think he can probably keep up from there, now that he knows the pace and isn't trying to do back work simultaneously with current work. The classes he's taking are pretty heavy on the homework every day; you really can't fall behind or tomorrow's workload is double and the next day's workload is triple. I don't know what it does for kids to load them so much, but I hear that's the way it's done in a lot of schools.

Barb, I'm glad you got through the eye surgery with only lesser inconveniences (once the headache went away).  Better you than me having to sleep in a recliner, though -- whenever I've tried it I find that after a few hours I want desperately to roll onto my stomach and straighten my legs.

Have a great week!
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You’re doing well with your weight, even eating some snacks.  Are you still doing a lot of work on the house?  I was just reading this morning about how important “non-exercise activity” is.   It’s everything we do that isn’t focused on exercise - like housework, yard work, laundry, etc.  I’d put all your painting and moving preparations in that category, as well.  

It’s really unfortunate that your son had to use his spring break to catch up on assignments - on the other hand, as you say - it’s good that he had a week in which to catch up with no new homework being added on.   There’s only a couple of months of school left for this year.  I hope he can stay caught up to finish the year on a “high” note.  

I’m not thinking it does the kids a lot of good to pile them up homework every day so they end up spending all their time studying.   Although we all need discipline and need to finish work on schedule, we also need downtime in order to recoup from stressful periods.  It doesn’t sound like your son has had any time to recoup.

I, too, am glad to have gotten through the surgery as easily as I did.  Fortunately, I haven’t had a lot pain, though the itching has been driving me whacko the past couple of days.  Judging by other surgeries I’ve had, I suspect it might get worse before it gets better.   I’m looking forward to Thursday when one set of stitches will be removed.  I might, at least be able to scratch a little bit!!  :-)

As for sleeping in the recliner - I’m short, so can stretch out easily and I’m a side sleeper so have figured that out - mostly.  I can’t imagine trying to roll onto my stomach when I’m unable to lie flat.  That would certainly be a dilemma and I can understand how you’d have issues.  

Enjoy your week.  :-)
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