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Sunday Weigh In November 1, 2020

Good morning.  How is everyone doing this morning?  It looks like it's going to be a really nice day, but the time change has me askew, as it always does.  I always end up waking up way too early in the morning and am also ready for bed way to early.  It will take a couple of weeks or more for my body to adjust...

It's been a little tense this week, as I've learned that 2 of my sisters in another state have been diagnosed with COVID.  One, with diabetes and other issues, in her 80's seems to have had only minor symptoms and is doing well.  The other, in her 70's is not so lucky.  This sister has fought leukemia/lymphoma for several years and chemo has destroyed her immune system.  She's been on monthly immunotherapy treatments for a couple of years now.  She's also diabetic and has high blood pressure, so we're very concerned.  She's in the hospital and of course, no one can visit her.  

I'm still trying to get my broken foot healed.  The actual break seems to be doing much better, but there's another area of my foot that still has a lot of pain and swelling.  I go back tomorrow to have my foot checked.  I know they're going to do x-rays to see how the break is  healing and I'm hoping they'll be willing to look at the part of the foot that's actually causing the most distress.

Everything else is sort of in limbo right now.  I've been playing with my own thyroid medications in a effort to figure out what will make me feel better, but it's kind of a tightrope walk because I'm due to get blood work for an appointment with my pcp in about 10 days, so I have to be careful not to skew my labs, as I want to make sure he can see that my prescribed dosage is inadequate.   That upcoming appointment will determine whether or not I stay with this pcp or if it's time to move on, after 11 yrs with him.

Although I'm not supposed to walk "for exercise", I have been getting out most mornings and going for a short walk with my neighbor.  I can't begin to call it "walking for exercise" because we have to go very slow.  My balance is still not what it should be and I still can't put full weight on my broken foot.  I think that's going to take a while, but, again, most of that isn't due to the area that was broken; it's due to the other area with the pain swelling.

At any rate, I haven't weighed yet this morning, but between the adjustment(s) in thyroid medication and just getting out and "moving" most mornings, my weight was down another pound when I weighed a couple of days ago.  COVID cases in my state have also been on the rise, so we're continuing to stay at home most of the time.  My granddaughter's birthday is tomorrow and we've chosen not to take a chance on going to the party that will be held next weekend.  Even though there will only be a few people (< 10) there, it's not people we're normally with and we don't want to take chances.  I've done some work in my shop to make my granddaughter's gift and will get it in the mail tomorrow - late for her birthday, but on time for the party.

I've been having horrible acid reflux/GERD during the night (thyroid related), so I'm having to be very careful about night time eating.  I can't eat anything after about 6:00 pm and have to be very careful about what/how much I eat earlier in the day.  Of course, I need to do that anyway, but there are things I "should" be eating now, that my stomach can't tolerate.  This is another area I hope to address with my pcp, but I'm not sure he'll be willing to do anything except tell me I need to go back to the gastroenterologist, who only seems willing to prescribe more acid reducers, of which I'm already on a "huge" dose.

At any rate, I guess it's my own experiment with "intermittent fasting" because I, typically, don't eat anything before lunch - that's about 18 hrs I'm going without food. As of this point, I don't think it's had a huge effect.  :-)

Anyway, I'm going to take my loss of a pound and be happy with it, even if it was just a loss of fluid.  I'll report back later and let you know if the loss is still valid.  

So, what about you?  I hope you were able to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself and look forward to hearing about them.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
**Stay safe and keep washing your hands**
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Hi, after weeks of being plateaued and then last week dropping about a pound, this week I'm down a further .2 of a pound. Presumably the loss from last week was real, and given that I weighed in the day after Halloween, .2 is good!  

We had a quiet Halloween, though our neighbors didn't.  Lots of people in our suburbs decorated their houses (meaning, open for business), but more than half stayed dark. We put out jack-o-lanterns and a rope fence, and on it clipped candy in plastic bags, and put up signs that said "See you next year!" and "Happy Halloween!" It was rather refreshing not to answer the door all night, but also sad. The next-door neighbors had a party, with parents and kids in costume (who I assume got most of the candy we hung out. At least it isn't there for me to snack on today!) The neighbors were mostly in the front of their house with a fire going in a metal patio firepit on their driveway, and were yelling and shrieking (drunk, in fact). Any time we went out to hang more candy, we were readily breathing the smoke. We figured that if we could so easily smell the smoke we could just as easily get any Covid they had in the crowd -- the virus could certainly go as far as smoke. Had a dream in the night that I had Covid and was rushing to get my will signed. A creepy Halloween-appropriate dream for sure!

This week we've been cleaning out the barn at our family's farm, tossing lots of big, awkward and just plain grimy things into a big dumpster. (We find you can't clean a barn with only trash bags. We moved a double-bed mattress that had been leaning against a wall and found that the back of it had been thoroughly torn apart by mice for nest material. Only a drop box can handle that kind of thing.) We've been putting good items out on the street with a "FREE" sign, and taking some to donate (around here, the Goodwill is refusing a surprising lot of stuff -- they wouldn't take a bicycle and some wooden chairs, for example -- but "Deseret Industries" took almost everything. Hats off to the Mormons.) I'm hoping all the lifting, toting and tossing is giving me exercise. I do best (exercise wise) when a job I'm doing is just accidentally also a workout. It's harder for me to exercise for its own sake.

Anyway, that's the weight and activity picture this week. I do think knocking off sugar is helping.

Have a great week!
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Congratulations on the 0.2 lb loss.   You're going the right direction and doing well.

It sounds like your neighbors had quite the "do" for Halloween.   Apparently, they weren't being real safe, so I hope your neighborhood doesn't turn into a COVID outbreak.  Cigarette smoke can be carried a long way on the wind; I'm not sure if the virus would travel that far or not - let's hope not.  Having COVID isn't a very nice dream to have, for sure.

Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you cleaning out the barn.  No, I'm sure you can't clean out a barn with just garbage bags... large things that fit in them seem to get stored in barns.  :-)

Why is Goodwill refusing so much stuff?  Because of the COVID?  I haven't checked our local Goodwill stores to see if they're refusing things as well.   I used to take a lot of stuff to Goodwill but have been taking most of it to the Hospice Thrift Stores, lately.

All the lifting, pulling, pushing, toting is definitely exercise.  I remember when my MIL passed away last year, it took us 5 days to clean out her house and I gained weight, but I think that was the beginning of the time my thyroid hormone levels began to be inadequate since I'd been losing up to that time.  Stress really takes a toll on the body.
If I had to guess, I would say that Goodwill might be refusing stuff because they have no more room. With Covid, people are stuck at home, and they clean out their attic or their guest room, and at the same time people aren't doing leisurely shopping right now. So, lots of stuff in, less stuff out. That's just a guess, though. I was quite surprised at the things they wouldn't take.
Good point.   I bagged a lot of the stuff I have ready to donate during lockdowns.  Cleaning was something I always have plenty of to do, but the thing I'll sometimes leave for when I have "absolutely" nothing else to do - which isn't very often... lol
It also might be that Goodwill doesn't take the kind of things we were bringing to them whether there is a pandemic or not.  For example, we were trying to give them two antique wooden chairs, attractive with carven legs and backs, but without the fabric and padding that would originally have been on the seats. (I got the chairs at a garage sale, and cut the fabric off because it was old and torn, but never took the time to re-do the seats even though it's easy to do. Maybe something looking like a project is not what the Goodwill wants.)
It's possible Goodwill isn't taking that type of stuff, but the ones in my area seem to take just about everything - including items that are "beyond projects"... lol  

That said - it's a shame (or maybe not) I'm not in your area - I'd probably have been more than willing to take the chairs off your hands and finish the project, even though I have several of my own projects in process as I write this.  LOL
It cost me a pang to send them away... I was planning to paint them white and put adorable fabric on the padded seats and use them outside at our July 4 party. But when I looked at them more closely, the years in the barn had raised the grain, which would mean hand sanding the carving and lattice cuts and all, and the joints looked like they could stand to be re-glued as well. Even with all of that, they were nice-looking enough to be worth it. A thrift-store shopper who does a lot of crafts will likely be delighted to find them and probably make them look really nice. (And then I won't have to.)

Goodwill around here seems to have changed its policies in general. Everything used to go to the Goodwill, but I looked on their website and they won't even take a garment that is missing a button. Not that the guys receiving your stuff will check every garment, but they're saying they will deem it unsalable and throw it away. Same with stuff that's "projects" in other ways.
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