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Sunday Weigh In November 22, 2020

Good morning.  How is everyone doing this morning?  I'm a bit late with my posting as I had a date to go walking this morning, as I do most mornings.  It's a beautiful day, though we may get some rain later - that remains to be seen.

Things are pretty quiet in my world for the time being.  I think I mentioned in another post that I have a couple of sisters who had the COVID virus... One of them was in the hospital for a few days, went home and is now back in the hospital with viral pneumonia.  I'm grateful that she's not on a ventilator yet, but she's very weak and can't fight the fatigue caused by the virus.  She's in another state and I can't even go visit her.  

I'm still dealing with pain/swelling from my broken foot.  It's been almost 12 weeks and is getting a bit old.  Since the ortho doctor has released me from his care, but the swelling/pain isn't improving, I haven't decided whether I need to call him back and request further services or seek a second opinion.  I did talk to my chiropractor about it and she agreed that the swelling was excessive and that I shouldn't have that much pain yet.  She was pretty surprised that the ortho doctor hadn't ordered an MRI or anything to check ligaments/tendons, etc.  She recommended that I discuss it with my primary doctor, with whom I had an appointment last week, but that was rescheduled to Dec 1; now it's been rescheduled once more to Dec 23.  I'm not going to be able to wait that long to have my foot rechecked.  After Thanksgiving, I plan to call the ortho doctor back and see what else he can offer.

Everything else is going relatively well.  I'm continuing with my self medication for my hypothyroidism and it's helping slightly, though it does take 4-6 weeks for dosage change to reach full effect.  I've only changed the dosage a couple of weeks ago and the body tends to "heal" those things that are most critical.  Most days, I do feel better, in that I'm not so tired and can actually stay up all day without a nap.

I'm walking with my neighbor nearly every day (unless one of us has appointments, etc.  We had started out doing a short walk in the neighborhood and I felt like I was able to extend the distance, so we branched out, but the longer route proved to cause too much pain/swelling and it was taking the rest of the day to recuperate from the walk.  We've gone back to the shorter walk in the neighborhood, which seems to be working better.

My weight is staying about the same and for right now, I'm okay with that - at least I've stopped the gain.  Once the thyroid medication reaches full effect, I'm hoping that my metabolism will pick up and I'll be able to start dropping some pounds.  

So that's my story.  How has your week been?  Are you ready for Thanksgiving - or even celebrating this year?  My daughter and her Significant Other are coming for lunch on Thanksgiving day and although she wanted to invite some other people, I said no... we need to not include people from too many households since I'm not even sure about a get together in the first place.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe**

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I'm about the same weight as last week, in fact off by just .1 of a pound, which to me means the same. We have been cutting our sweets, but had a huge meal last night, so probably that .1 represents a slightly bigger loss. I'll check in the morning.

Thanksgiving here will be just me, hubby and son, we'll Zoom with everyone else. Our family gets together a lot in normal times, so by now we're practiced at saying no without it being seen as an insult -- we halted the usual run of birthday parties since February and pretty much have gotten used to the idea that it's not rude. My mother is 91 -- nobody wants to risk it for her sake, let alone each other's. Zooming can have unexpected moments -- we had some Zoom meetings with the lawyer who handled our wills and during those our cat came in and looked into the camera. You don't get that at boring old Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Chris's house!  lol

I definitely (as have been suspecting) find that reducing sweet snacks and especially sweet drinks has a positive effect on how I feel, and on the ease with which the weight stays off. There's a lot being written about how sugar is an inflammatory agent, and you could probably prove it by me. If I don't eat sweets, it's like I hardly have to watch anything else. Will try to keep up this approach -- I'd like to see a few pounds melt off with this little of effort.

Have a great Thanksgiving!
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Under the circumstances, I'm thinking that maintaining a current weight isn't such a bad thing.   Actually, I try to maintain vs lose over the holidays anyway because with everything going on, it's just too much to worry about losing as well.  At least, that's my theory!!  :-)

I get it that no one wants to expose your mom to the virus and don't blame you a bit for not having a gathering.  I'm beginning to think Zoom is almost as good as a get together anyway.  I don't even have to get dressed up for a Zoom gathering -just have to make sure my hair is combed... lol  

I am looking forward to seeing our daughter as it's been months since we've allowed her to come visit us.  With the way COVID cases are rising in my county, though, I'm glad I didn't let her invite anyone other  people (some of whom live in the same county I do, though she lives in a different county).  

I totally agree with you in regards to the sweet snacks and drinks.  For years, now, I've only used Stevia, honey or Jaggery to sweeten my food/drinks.  I don't drink sodas.  My downfall is bread and other items in that category because my husband doesn't like veggies or fruit so we end up with mashed potatoes, pizza, sandwiches and other "junk foods", particularly over the past year because I get tired of making 2 separate meals.  He also doesn't like fish of any kind and recently (past couple years) says the smell of it makes him sick.  I always lose weight when I center my diet around fish and chicken, but that's not something I can do at this point so I have to figure out something else.

Happy Thanksgiving.
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