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Sunday Weigh In November 29, 2020

Good morning.  I'm a little late posting this morning as I took time to go for a walk first.  It's kind of cloudy today, but looks like it's going to be a nice day.  

Things have been pretty quiet in my world for the past week or so - no appointments so I was able to concentrate on Thanksgiving.  We did have a nice day.  Now I guess it's time to turn our attention to Christmas and New Year's - hoping next year will be better than this year.  

I think I mentioned that one of my sisters has been hospitalized with COVID - she got out for a few days, then got COVID pneumonia so back to the hospital.  She now has C-diff so that's an additional condition to be treated.  I'm not sure how long she'll have to remain hospitalized.  She remains in ICU, but has been out of the COVID unit so that's a step in the right direction.

As I've posted previously, I've increased my thyroid hormone dosage and it's beginning to have a small effect.  Our bodies tend to heal those things that are most important and a couple of things I've noticed is that my resting heart rate has increased from its usual 53-55 bpm to around 60-63 so it's actually in the "normal" range again.  It feels odd because I'm not used to having a normal heart rate.  I've also noticed that my skin isn't so itchy and my hair isn't falling out as badly.  

I'm still having a lot of trouble with the foot I broke back in August.  There's still a lot of swelling and pain.  I mentioned that the ortho doctor released me, saying the bone was healed, even though it was obvious there's still "something" wrong with the foot. I had planned to discuss it with my pcp, with whom I had an appointment for Nov 24, but they rescheduled that to Dec 1 and they've now pushed it out to Dec 29.  I can't wait that long to do something, so I finally broke down and called the ortho doctor back to get an appointment.  They seemed reluctant to give me an appointment, asking if I was doing everything the doctor told me to do - which was only some exercises and yes, I've been doing them.  They did finally give me an appointment, which will be on Wed (Dec 2).  I don't have very high hopes of him being willing to do anything, but perhaps I can get him to point me in the right direction if he won't do anything further.  

Anyway, the broken foot is preventing me exercising like I should, but I have been going for a short walk every day because I have to keep my legs/knees from getting too stiff.  When I stepped on the scale the other day, I was down 2 lbs from last week.  I suspect if I could get rid of all the swelling in my foot/leg, I'd probably drop a couple more pounds.  

I've been pretty careful of what I'm eating - watching the amounts as much as anything.  Just cutting back portion sizes makes a difference.  Anyway, I'd say that cutting portion sizes, increasing thyroid hormone dosage and the little bit of exercise I'm getting have worked in combination to help drop those 2 pounds.  I'm continuing to watch portion sizes and trying to work in some more simple exercises and/or yoga poses (yoga helps strengthen the core muscles) to get in a bit more exercise.  

So, how about you?  How was your Thanksgiving?  I hope you've had a successful week, in spite of Thanksgiving meaning we, typically, eat more than usual.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and be sure to wash your hands often**  
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Barb, that's great news about the 2 pounds, especially with Thanksgiving only three days ago. Do you have enough thyroid meds to keep tweaking your dose, or do they run out soon?

Except for Thanksgiving, we've also had a quiet week. We went out yesterday and passed one of the big-box stores that people flock to for Black Friday sales, and it looked nuts. (At least everyone wears masks around here.) We did go grocery shopping and to the pet-food store, but those aren't places with crowds on Black Friday weekend.

Weighed myself this morning, and I'm up .6 from last week. Given Thanksgiving, maybe that's not so bad, though I was hoping just to stay the same. It was probably the pumpkin-swirl cheesecake that did it. Now that all the Thankgiving desserts are gone I might find that in a few days the .6 goes too. Cutting out sugar does seem to have a pretty immediate effect on my weight -- last week I could see it, any day I didn't have an extraneous sweet, I was down on the scale the next morning. So this week I'll go back on the no-sweets regimen in hopes of seeing improvement.

Today is sunny, something of a rarity for Oregon in November, so I think we're going to hang Christmas lights. The neighbors are all doing it, and we've got to keep up our end. I wonder if one string will do it. lol

Have a great week!

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Thank you.  Of course, I'm always reluctant to claim a "real" loss since my weight fluctuates so much as I retain and release fluid.  However, when I weighed that day, my broken (supposedly healed) foot was swollen considerably - a loss in spite of swelling is a loss as far as I'm concerned...  :-)

Sounds like people are really venturing out, there, with shopping on Black Friday.  We didn't go out that day, but it doesn't sound like we had the crowds that usually participate in Black Friday.   We did go out on Saturday and had to make a stop at a big box store... it wasn't much busier than usual.   I'm glad to hear that people there adhere to the mask advice.  Unfortunately, many, here, refuse to wear masks so we have to be vigilant in regards to whom we stand next to, while we're shopping.

You always seem to be able to drop off extra pounds, so I'd think the 0.6 lbs you gained over Thanksgiving will come off pretty quickly once you're back into your routine of not eating sugary foods.  

I still have a couple of pieces of pumpkin pie in the fridge and husband isn't eating it... that means, either I have to eat it myself or toss it.  I'll probably end up tossing it.

I hope you were able to use the nice sunny day to get Christmas lights up - one string, huh?  An extra long string or small portion of the house with lights?  lol    We have an "outdoor" Christmas tree that we hang every year - we did get that up last week.  I'm thinking about getting the Christmas tree up this week.  Will see if that happens.  
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