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Sunday Weigh-In November 3, 2019

Good morning... Here we are, back to the dreaded time change again - at least, it's "dreaded" for me.  I never do well for the few days (couple of weeks? lol) of a time change.  It throws my whole body out of whack for some reason.  Anyway, they tell me I have to deal with it, so I do my best.  :-)   It's cooling off at night and fall is definitely in the air, even though we're still having days in the upper 80's, even some 90's.  Those temperatures just don't feel like the sweltering 80's and 90's of mid summer.  

Anyway, everything is going okay here.  We've gotten through a week with no family emergencies, but we get notice of the death of a friend, which we're very sorry to hear about.  She had been battling cancer for a couple of years and could no longer sustain the fight.  I'm so tired of cancer; I cringe every time I hear the word.

So - my big thing is preparation for surgery, which comes up on Tuesday.  This week on Tuesday, I had a consultation with a nurse at the hospital regarding pre-op things.  That lasted about 30 minutes and at the end of it, she decided I should go in and have some tests done so I did that on Thursday morning.  The did blood work, an EKG and a chest x-ray.

I'm happy to say the chest x-ray was negative/clear.  That's a definite relief, considering I'm an ex-smoker and I have one sister with Stage IV lung cancer and just lost a brother to it as well.  The EKG came back showing Sinus Bradycardia with Sinus Arrythmia, which wasn't a surprise since I've known this for some time.  The only surprise what that my red blood count was low, indicating anemia, along with a couple other things on the CBC... I'll have to take all that up with my primary doctor when the surgery is done.

Anyway, I'm as ready as I'm going to get for surgery.  I'm just trying to get the house and everything else ready for my not being able to do much of anything for a few weeks as my husband isn't the greatest when it comes to cleaning, etc. In the midst of all this, we had an ant invasion and had to have pest control come in to help us out, but having to deal with that did get some closets and cabinets cleaned out because I had to spray everything down to get rid of the ants, then go through and get rid of everything and clean the closet/cabinet(s) to get rid of the spray... I guess that's one way to get the cleaning done.  :-)

Weight-wise, I think I'm down, at least, a partial pound because I really haven't been able to eat much lately and that includes snack things.  One thing I've become addicted to is lime flavored frozen fruit bars - yep, who'd have thought?  I learned about them when I was in SD - the dietician had recommended a brand of fruit bars for my brother who was diabetic.  She said he could eat them because they wouldn't increase his blood glucose a lot.  The brand is Outshine and there are quite a few different flavors, including strawberry, raspberry, grape, creamy coconut, lime (of course), pineapple and others.  Although I like most of the flavors, the lime has become my favorite and for me, they aren't too healthy because it's hard to stop at just one bar...  :-)   But I haven't even been eating a lot of these as my stomach just can't take much food these days.  

I'm hoping the surgery remedies all that, but if it doesn't, I have another avenue to explore.  I got a call from the gastroenterologist the other day and they wanted to set up an appointment for a CT (yep, another one) to see if we can find out what's causing the pain I get in my upper abdomen... It's not like there's never been a CT done on that area before... all they need to do is go back and look at other CT's to find that there's never been any finding there.  I told them about my upcoming surgery and that if it doesn't help resolve the issue, I'll call them back and we can come up with a new game plan.  Isn't it odd that for the past couple of years, no one has wanted anything other than for me to stop complaining about that pain, now they're so anxious to find out what's causing it?

I've also done some fun things... I've been practicing my calligraphy - I'm really not very good at it, but it's fun to work on anyway and strive to get better.  I've also made more pens.  I have 9 of them sold and someone else wants to see some to possibly buy... I have 4 made and 5 to go, plus extras for sale.  I hope to get those done before I go to for surgery, so I'll be going out to the shop soon and that's where I'll spend my day.  

I'll post my weight later, once my morning "bloat" is gone.

So, how has your week gone?  I hope you've accomplished everything you set out to do.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Hi! It is also lovely in the Portland area today, we have had a streak of very cold, windy weather but today is sunny, clear and still. I think we might reach 55 or 60 degrees, much better than some days recently.

We decided Halloween was the day to move into our new house for good, rather than just being there to unpack and go back to the farm to sleep. My son and I carved pumpkins on the 30th while my sister kibitzed, and my husband and I spent part of Halloween day hanging up orange lights (the signal here that you're open for trick-or-treaters). We got 20 kids and as many parents (some also in costume). Especially, we met lots of neighbors in a really easy and organic way. I had forgotten that we did the same thing years ago with the last house -- it was empty at Halloween but was ready, so we went over and handed out candy and our son trick-or-treated there. It's an easy way to meet the neighbors, everyone is in a great mood and the chat is very relaxed. This time, when someone would say "When did you move in?" we would say "Tonight," and that certainly did ramp up the conversation!

At nine o'clock we turned off the orange lights and blew out the candles in the jack-o-lanterns and drove to the farm, and packed up the cats (who we had left there so their first impression of the new house would not be the doorbell ringing constantly and them not being allowed to bolt outside). They handled the shift of venue fine, though our one cat that is a terrible car rider proved her reputation by both vomiting and pooping on the 15-minute drive over. We left the dogs in their pens at the farm since it was dark, a poor time to orient them to new sleeping arrangements.

We went back in the morning and packed up the doggies, stopping at the dog wash on the way to the new house. (That was a new one for my husband! Now he gets to take Delphie there whenever she is stinky.) So the dogs arrived at their new home clean and perfumed. The drill at the farm has been that the dogs would be in the yard in the day, inside the house with us after dark and hang out, then outside to their doghouses in their pens to sleep. We did the same at the new house, and it apparently felt normal to them, since there was no whining or bratty barking in the night. Coco's new doghouse and pen are a great improvement over those at the farm, because we framed her a little exit ramp under its edge. (At the farm, if either pen door was left open in the day, Delphie would drag all the bedding out and use it to decorate the yard.) Coco figured out that her private pen has a private Coco-sized doorway very fast, and since the opening is too small for Delphie to get in, she uses it to get away from Delphie's bounding-puppy enthusiasm and harassment. We still shut Delphie's pen door at night, though once she gets used to the new yard and the normal sounds of the neighborhood we might leave it open all the time. She can drag her own blanket around all she wants, I just want Coco to have a sanctuary and for her bedding to remain unmolested.

With the dogs and cats at the new house, we do think we're well and truly moved. If we could only get the Oregonian to stop delivering at the farm and start delivering at the new house, that would be the last thing! (I've called them three times and it's still coming to the farm.)

I've been unpacking and unpacking, but our scale hasn't yet appeared. If I get a chance I'll weigh at the farm today, otherwise will make do with the general assessment that I have not gained or lost.

Have a great week!

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