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Sunday Weigh In October 10, 2021

Good morning.  How is everyone today?  It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here.  There's definitely a feeling of fall in the air, but it's such a welcome change from the heat of summer.  It's not quite cool enough to open doors and windows yet, but I'm looking forward to being able to get fresh air into the house for a few hours.

There hasn't been a lot going on here...We'd been working diligently on tree trimming - the neighbor's trees overhanging his fence with branches on the ground, so we haven't been able to mow or keep weeds down.  Anyway, but trimming out the branches on our side of the fence, we regained about 10 ft of our property.  We're almost finished with the project - a couple more mornings should finish it up.  Anyway, we took a break from that last week and took a short vacation to Mississippi.  We had a good time and got home safely on late Friday afternoon.  

We ate pretty much the same - maybe a little more fast food  - while we were gone and believe it or not, I actually maintained my exact weight.  I can't believe I didn't gain weight, going on a vacation.  It was great to come home and step on the scale to see I was exactly the same weight as when we left.  We did do quite a bit of walking and I'm really trying to get/stay in the mode to be satisfied with less food at each meal.  I'm also really watching my sodium intake.  Whenever I eat a lot of salty foods, I gain, of course, because the salt/sodium causes fluid retention.

Anyway, I'm happy with staying the same for another week.  I'm grateful not to be gaining and I do feel that I'm going to start losing soon.  When my weight stops "bouncing" around and/or fluctuation by several pounds/day, it's usually a sign that more might be coming off.  We'll see how it works out.

So how are you doing?  Did you manage to reach your goal(s) for the week?   I'm looking forward to hearing how the week went for you.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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We've had a busy week, and I didn't discipline myself about eating but also ran around a lot, so today I'm down about .2 of a pound. Even a loss that small is good news in a week when we had cookies in the house and I ate some! Not gaining overall is a win.

I think our real-estate hunt is mercifully over; the process is moving along and we had inspections of a house last week (and will do one tomorrow, of the siding, and I think there's one more, for termites). So far everything is looking good. We're now just trying to be sure we aren't being financially stupid. Around here, houses are very expensive (except awful falling-down dumps, and even they are over what you'd think such a place would go for). It's giving me sleepless nights.

Weather has turned to definite fall temps and alternating days of sun and rain. We got to see a brilliant rainbow today as we splashed down a highway in the rain. It's October.

Hope you have a good week!
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