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Sunday Weigh-In October 20, 2019

Good morning... how's everything this morning?  I think it's going to be a pretty decent day today.  We had rain all day yesterday from Tropical Storm Nestor as it went by in the Gulf of Mexico, but it's gone now and for the first time in quite a while, there is no tropical activity in, either, the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean... wow!!  We're coming up on November 1, which will mark the end of hurricane season so we'll be able to stop worrying quite so much about the bad storms.  Yay...

Anyway, this was a pretty busy week for me as far as as medical issues go.  Monday I had the gastric emptying test I mentioned last week.  It was interesting, if nothing else.  As I said, I had to eat an egg sandwich - as it turned out, it was the egg that was radioactive - and drink some water, then they did a special x-ray at 30 minute intervals to see how quickly my stomach was emptying.  The thought was that it was taking too long for food to leave my stomach, causing constipation and other issues. As it turned out, it was the exact opposite.  The food left my stomach in about 1/2 the expected time.  I'm not sure of the implications of this because I haven't heard from the doctor's office yet (results were posted on the patient portal for the imaging facility) and I can't find a lot online about rapid gastric emptying.  What I can find is that it, typically, happens after one has had gastric bypass or some other type of gastric surgery, but I haven't had any type of surgery like that.   I can't find any information about how this affects digestion, absorption of nutrients or anything like that, but I'd assume it would have "some" effect. Maybe I just haven't typed in the right search questions. :-)  I'd also assume it might explain why I'm hungry very quickly after I've eaten, as well.  The only solution I've found is that one shouldn't drink liquids while eating, which I don't typically do, but of course, they had me do prior to the test.  So I have to wait to get answers from the doctor.

The other thing from this week is that I had to go through my colonoscopy.  That was on Thursday and if you've ever had a colonoscopy, you know that the prep is much worse than the procedure.  Of course, the prep is done the day before and trust me, it does take the entire day... I'll spare the details of that one.  :-)

The colonoscopy was uneventful.  They did find one polyp that was removed and sent to pathology.  The doctor said it was a large one (2 cm) and it was flat, not one of the "thumb-like" ones they usually find.  I didn't give that much thought until I got home and researched polyps.  As it turns out, the flat polyps are more likely to be cancerous than the thumb-like ones, but the doctor did say he thought mine was benign, so I'm not too concerned.

I got a call on Friday that the spot removed by the dermatologist a couple of weeks ago was also benign, which she thought it was, so that's that.  

So - I'm waiting to hear from the doctor about the gastric emptying test and of course, pathology on the polyp and I still have a follow up with the dermatologist to finish dealing with the large spot on my leg and the place on my face that she believes might be the squamous cell cancer.  The place on my leg that she thought was a fungal infection did not resolve with the cream she prescribed, so I'd guess she's going to biopsy it when I go back, along with the place near my nose, which has not gone away either.  That appointment will come up in November.

So that's all the medical junk - that's enough, isn't it?  It seems like I've been living in doctor's offices or medical facilities lately, but we did take a day and do something fun on Tuesday.  My husband found some cruises that go up the St. John's River.  You may (or may not...lol) know that the St John's River is one of the few rivers in the world that runs to the north instead of south.  Anyway, there are these neat lunch or dinner cruises you can go on.  We opted for a lunch cruise because we figured it would be dark for a good share of a dinner cruise and we wouldn't be able to see a lot.  The lunch was awesome (we both opted for prime rib) and so was the trip.  It was a beautiful day and the scenery was gorgeous.  It was a very welcome break in the middle of everything I've been through this summer.

Anyway, weight-wise, I was down 5 lbs the other day - no surprise there because I was doing prep for the colonoscopy, which means liquid diet and a lot of time in the bathroom.  :-)  Right now, I'm showing down 1.4 from last week.  I've tried not go back to all the junk I was eating and I hope I can maintain that.  

I'm really having difficulty in the evening, because we don't eat an evening meal, as such - it's mostly snacking and you know what that means - chips, caramel corn, popsicles and other junk food.  We're going to the Farmer's Market today and I'm going to try to find fresh things that I can prep ahead and make as easy to grab as the junk.  I need to kick this habit so I can lose the weight AND get my digestive system back into shape.

So - what about you?  How was your week?  I hope you accomplished everything you set out to get done.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Oh, no, what a catalogue of woes! Was this death a surprise, or was your nephew ailing?

Our dogs are usually outside during the day, since the yard, farmyard and fields (all fenced) are a big and interesting area for them. Except for chewing up one of our welcome mats, barking at people walking on the street, and dragging her things around, the puppy doesn't cause the level of trouble (such as chewing up a doghouse) that I have heard of bored dogs doing. When we open their pens at night, they just go into their houses and go to bed. (If they stay penned in the day, the puppy does get bored and drag all her blankets from the doghouse out into the pen.) But it has been summer. Being at the new house in cooler weather will limit the puppy's horizons a lot. We'll certainly supply toys and bones, and walk the dogs and take the puppy to the dog park, but it might not be enough to keep her from taking apart her sleeping area just for something to do. I told my husband we will probably have to let her have access to her doghouse bed all the time as the weather gets uncomfortable, but we are both kind of wincing in advance about the possibility of doghouse destruction, massive digging projects and chomping on the newly planted trees. I also intend to make her a companion dog, and to take her with me in the car a lot when I go places. It all might help keep the boredom level down for her. We'll see!

I weighed myself, am at a flat zero change. (The gain must have been all that tea!) Again it's nothing to be thrilled about on a weight-loss forum, but not as bad as it could be, for sure! Tonight we had a relatively healthy dinner and no snacks, I might see a bit of change for the good in the morning. (Less water retention, mostly!)

Take care, and again, my condolences.
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Glad the doctor stuff is done for the moment, I have had two colonoscopies and while I didn't love the prep, I didn't mind the procedure. They pretty much conk you out, anyway ... I was awake for the last one but sleeping by the time they wheeled me out into recovery. It's always a good thing to get the all-clear.

I'm up at least a pound, but can't tell for sure because I forgot to weigh in before eating a big breakfast and two (large) mugs of tea. It wouldn't matter if I always weigh after eating, but I usually weigh first thing before putting anything in my mouth, so it's not a weigh-in consistent with the others. I'll check this evening.

We've been wrangling new doghouses and pens for our two dogs, so they have somewhere warm and dry to hang out at our new house when we aren't there. Ordered, stained and built the doghouses, ordered the custom liners for them, ordered the doors for them (it took three stages to get to a whole doghouse!), then ordered two pens with doors to put side by side with the doghouses in, said pens having tops made of a heavy tent material. (I thought the doghouses wouldn't stand up to the rain, and to possibly being chewed on by the puppo.) Now we have to figure out a rain shelter for the bigger dog when she is not shut in her pen ... the little dog is able to get in and out of her pen as she wishes, but the bigger one will probably not be allowed to hang in her doghouse except at night, until she gets past her chewing stage. I should have hired a carpenter in the first place and built them a shelter, but we didn't really know what we needed.

Except that the work of getting into the new house just seems to drag, all is well with the parts we have gotten finished. Son is doing better with school, and our routine is getting more pat.  

I'm being paged by the family to run errands, will come back later with a definite weight.

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It sounds like the dogs are creating quite a quandry for you.  It's too bad the bigger dog won't be able to have access to its pen during the day, as well.  It's true that puppies chew, but  won't s/he will chew during the night as much as during the day?  If plenty of chew toys are provided, perhaps there will be less temptation to chew on the dog house.  I'm not sure exactly how large the dog is, but I used to get those Kong toys and fill them will puppy chews - it kept them busy for a long time trying to get the food out.  Our last few dogs had access to the screen room during the day when we weren't home, with a doggy door that led outside, for them to do their business whenever they needed to.  That worked very well for us.

At any rate, once we get into something like that, it's so easy to see what we "should" have done but we've got so much money into the project, it doesn't make sense to change directions at that point... Or at least, that's what I've found.

I'm sorry to hear about your pound up, but I agree that it could have been due to a large breakfast and cups of tea.  That would have done it for me.  :-)

It's good to hear that your son has settled into the school situation.  I'm sure that takes a lot of the stress of things and helps make life flow a bit easier.

I was informed last night that we've had another death in the family; this is a nephew in his early/mid 50's.  Once I find out funeral arrangements, I'll be looking for airline tickets again.  
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