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Sunday Weigh In September 26, 2021

Good morning - how is everyone doing this morning?  It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day, here.  We're certainly beginning to feel fall in the air and night time temps have dropped from the mid 70's to upper 60's.  So many people say they can't see the seasons change here, in FL because we have so many trees that stay green year around, but I always feel like they simply don't look hard enough.  We not only have the cooler temps, but the leaves on many trees are starting to turn colors and/or fall off the trees and of course, let's not forget the ever shortening days.

It's been pretty quiet, but busy here.  I still work on calligraphy and woodworking as much as I can.  With the cooler weather, I can also get outside and do yard work as well.  Yesterday, we cut down and trimmed a bunch of trees along one side of our property.  The neighbor put up a fence years ago and has let the trees overhang the fence so they lie on our property.  That wouldn't be so bad, except there are a lot of volunteer trees coming up, as well on our side of the fence.  As I told husband - we can either cut them down, ourselves, now while they're tiny or we can pay a tree service big bucks to remove them when they get big.  It actually looks like the neighbor is purposely letting the trees go to fill in along the fence in order to avoid having to repair the fence, which is falling down in some places as the wooden fence posts are all rotted and loose.  I don't care what he does on his side of the fence, but I don't want that mess of weeds and overgrowth on our side.  Anyway, that's our big project for right now.

I think I mentioned that I had a tooth that was giving me trouble.  I'd made a dental appointment over a month ago and it finally rolled around this week.  As I suspected the tooth had to come out.  It had a cavity under the tooth in the root area.  Fortunately, they were able to get me in the same afternoon for the extraction.  They were also able to add a tooth to my partial so other than some adjustment, it's all done. I'll be on soft food for a few days until the extraction site is healed, but I can handle that.  There was some infection in the tooth, so also on another round of antibiotics.  

You'd think getting all the exercise from tree cutting, along with not being able to eat much would have caused a big weight loss, but I'm not that lucky.  When I stepped on the scale yesterday, I was within 0.4 lbs from last week, so I've basically stayed the same.  I feel fortunate that I didn't gain a couple of pounds.  I guess I'll accept that and hope for a loss over the next week.  With the cooler weather, I'll definitely be able to get out and go for a walk in the evenings now.  Hopefully, the exercise of cutting down trees, repotting house plants and an evening walk will be enough for me to be able to drop a few pounds.

So, that's where I am... how about you?  Did you have a good week and were you able to reach whatever goal(s) you set for yourself?  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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I lost another pound, again due to eating less and abstaining from Dr. Pepper. (No lapses so far there, amazingly, considering how hard it has been for me to quit the bad Doctor before!) I've had some big meals this past week, too, but often such a meal would be the only thing in a day besides something light in the morning like tea and crackers. It's kind of a surprise to be down a pound from last week even so, because at midweek my husband bought sweets, and I ate the ones I liked. But the overall push has seemed to pay off.  I used to be pleased if I got as much as .4 of a pound lost in a week, and these past two weeks it has been a full pound a week. Cross fingers, maybe my tummy will finally go down.

Possibly one of the reasons for the weight loss is that this past couple of weeks have been stressful and busy. Our son began at high school, and really REALLY is miserable there. He's having PTSD-type reactions from the bullying he endured there (and from those same kids) when he was in 6th grade. (They put the high school in the building where he went to 6th grade, and the student body is the same old group.) I wish he could stand it but he's falling apart, so stressed he can't remember what the teachers are saying, even since talking to a therapist and doing calming exercises. If we want him to make it through the first month of 9th grade, it's time to move so he can attend a different school that doesn't prompt these emotional flashbacks. This has translated to me and my husband going and looking at a house (or two, or three) every day. We see pretty much everything that comes up in that district that would be even remotely feasible for our family. Two days ago a tiny 1940s bungalow came on the market. It's half the size of our present house and probably has all kinds of hidden problems, but we put in an offer this morning, the goal is simply to get into that district, not fancy digs. (Don't get me started on the risks of asbestos, lead and earthquakes.) To fit into the house, we'll have to divest ourselves of a lot of stuff (which I don't at all mind!) and about half of our furniture. I'm not sorry to get rid of small junk, but it's too bad about the furniture, it's pretty good-looking. We might send some of it to the farm and put things at the farm into the dumpster.

Weather here has been an archetypal lovely fall so far. Unfortunately for the forests, there has been less rain than usual by this time of year, though. We've lost some plants. But we finally did have a weekend of rain last weekend, a relief to man and plant alike.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Congratulations on losing another pound.  That perseverance really does pay off, doesn’t it?   Are you doing any type of toning exercises for your tummy?  Although weight comes off the whole body and we can’t “spot lose”, toning exercises can tighten up the muscles and make us look thinner than we might be.  When I was doing yoga on a regular basis, I looked and felt a lot taller and slimmer than I actually was.

I’m really sorry to hear about your son having so many problems in school.  It’s unfortunate that he’s finding himself reliving those same old feelings from going to that school previously.  It’s too bad you can simply transfer him to a different school instead of having to pack up and move.   I’m positive you’re looking forward to going through all your things and sorting it all out again, not to mention having to pack it up to be moved.  

You’re right about the 1940’s bungalow - unless it’s been updated, there could be quite a few things that need attention.   I guess the good thing is that once you get moved into the proper district and your son gets settled into a school he likes, you can always be on the lookout for something that might suit your needs a little better.   It sounds reasonable to put some of your nicer furniture at the farm.  

At any rate, I hope your son is feeling a small amount of relief knowing that he may not have to stay in that school for much longer.

I wish you luck with continuing to stay off the doctor and continuing weight loss.

Have a good week.
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