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Sunday Weigh In

Yet another week has gone by; I do apologize for having been off the forum so much this week.  Things are VERY hectic for me right now.  

This is the day on which we weigh in to see how we did over the past week.  I stayed the same; not good, but better than going up!!  

As I said, things have been very hectic for me and exercise time has been basically "nil".  I'm not upset that I didn't lose (disappointed, but not upset) - we have to put some work into it, in order to get something back and I didn't work at it.  No exercise and lunches all too often ended up being fast food -- not a good combination!!  

Okay - now it's your turn.  How did YOU do this past week?  If you were successful in losing, did you do anything special to accomplish that?  If you gained (had a set back), do you know why?  

Ready, set............................GO                              
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Welcome to all newcomers. Congrats to all who lost weight and congrats to all who are persevering despite gains or plateaus---those aren't easy, but your persistence despite obstacles is what will help you achieve your goals. As for me...I'm on a plateau of 182.6 and doing my best to not become discouraged and to persevere.

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Personally i can't say much....Just begin ....(1,500 kg before 2 weeks)
But next Monday i write my first goal with the suport of you all!

Keep trying!
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Hey all, I am happy to report that I am down 3.2lbs this week.
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Hi. Sorry I haven't been around at all. You guys are my support group, but I have been really stressed & a bit depressed. I have a strong tendency of becoming completely anti-social when I am not feeling good about myself. I hope everyone has been doing well. I think I should change my weigh in day to Sundays so I can be "with" you guys.

Lost 2lbs this week. My husband is still sleeping, so not sure where he's at for the week.

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I stayed the same for this week! I am very frustrated since I busted my hiney to loose weight and didn't loose even an ounce... going to keep trying though!
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down 3.6 this week!! :)
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I was up a lb last wk due to AF's after effects and i wasnt sure this week but from where i was b4 that im down 0.8 this week!
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Well, I am sad to say I am the biggest loser this week but not due to losing weight, but due to doing the worse.  I am having huge problems with water retention and my doctor put me on a better dierutic.  It works great but when I wake up in the morning the water weight is there and reduces after I take my pill.  So am up 1.8 lbs.  It is very hard to stay motivated.
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im try to loose weight very quickly but cant do that fast bcoz im a breastfeeding mother of a 9months old girl. But i have lost 18 ponds now and have to loose 30 more..i have started at 175 and now im 157. if any one have any idea for loosing weight for me will be really appreciated. thanks  
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Up again this week but less than 2.5 pounds away from my goal so I'm not going to sweat it today. Exercising extra again this week and going on vacation next week. Hope not to completely overdo it. Going to exercise as usual but have a few extras. Hopefully I won't go up too much.
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I can finally say that I have lost a pound this week! First time in a month!

I have almost gotten back to a normal routine again. I'm still not allowed to do strenuous exercise but my daughter and I managed to do some 1/2 hour walks this week and last night I did some of the easier exercises on the Wii Fit. Its all in all been a fairly fun-kind-of-busy week with the kids having swimming lessons, various visits with friends, spending an entire day at a local outdoor pool with friends, and a big double bridal shower but thankfully more and more people are on the "healthier eating" lifestyle change so its not been too bad as far as the food goes.
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I have been using the weight tracker on this site for many months and have lost 88 lbs..  Today I weighed in at 175 lbs.  I have 25 more to go before I reach goal of 150 lbs.

I'm not sure how this challenge works, but I want in on it to keep me motivated.

So, Barb 135, you appear to be the moderator on this forum, so let me know what I need to do to get in on the challenge!
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