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Sunday Weigh in March 5, 2023

Good morning.  I hope everyone's day is off to a good start.   I have a pretty full day, but it's bright and sunny outside, looking to be a beautiful day.  We were hoping for a nice rain last night, but only got a few sprinkles.  

We were away from home all last week - went out of state for a few days.  We had a fun time, but it was good to get back home again.  

I think I mentioned last week that we got hit with bank fraud, so we've been trying to get that worked out.  We spend an entire morning at the bank, closing old accounts and opening new ones, waiting for pending transactions to clear, etc.  We still don't have our new checks and debit cards, but we do have credit cards so we're not completely without funds.   This week, I'm hoping for a lot less drama!!  

Anyway, being away from home and eating more/different types of meals, I've gained a couple of pounds this past week, in spite of having done a lot of walking, etc.   My neighbor will get back here tomorrow and we'll start walking again.  Since I'm still in my foot brace, we'll start slowly and work our way up.  I'm trying to decide if it would be a good idea to take a day's rest in between, since the foot doctor said that walking as much as I do is mostly what caused the tears in my tendons.  We'll have to see how it works out.  

Amazing that I could have gained weight because my mouth has been super sore and I've had a horrible time getting in to the dentist.  I do have an appointment for tomorrow unless they change it again (they've rescheduled 3 times already), so we'll see how that goes.

I've learned tech hosting for online classes through my calligraphy guild, since we hold "hybrid" meetings (both online and in person) and we're looking to start holding hybrid classes, as well.  I have a Zoom class this afternoon, to further my "education".  That means more time sitting and less time moving around aka getting exercise!!  

Later this week, I have the appointment for nerve conduction tests on my hands/arms, that will decide whether or not I'll need surgery on either hand/arm.  I got by without surgery on my foot, so hoping I can get by without it on my hands, as well, but that remains to be seen.  

So that's my life in a nutshell.  How was your week?  I hope you were able to meet/exceed your goal(s).  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I went out to breakfast this morning and forgot to weigh, only significant because my Sunday-to-Sunday weigh-ins are before eating (and it was a big breakfast!). So I'll weigh tomorrow. I'd guess I'm about the same.

Barb, I know what a hassle it can be to do all that changing of the bank accounts. When the thieves ransacked our farmhouse, they took all our files, and we've been fending off credit applications written in our names and bad checks written on all our accounts since then. Last week I had to go and close an account that gets a Social Security check for our son (he's a minor and they attacked it anyway), because they were beginning to pass checks on that account. The bank has not given us very good advice -- I went there in November right after the burglary, ready to close everything, and they said just to watch and wait because any losses would be "covered." Ultimately, I'm going to change banks; their advice has proven to be pretty bad. But Monday I have to get an appointment at Social Security and tell them to move that deposit to the new account. I hate going to the Social Security office, the lines are so long even when you have an appointment.

We've had freakish weather this past couple of weeks -- snow (late in the year, for here) and lots of hail. There are still snowpiles in the shadows, and I've been unable to go a couple of places when planned because of slick roads. But I don't really mind. I'd be pleased if it snowed once more before spring comes, in fact. We used to have more snow in the Willamette Valley when I was a kid, making it always nice to see.

Here's hoping everyone has a great week!

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Congratulations on staying the same weight... I was doing quite well until we took this little vacation and I ate more food, more often!!  

I'd forgotten about your break-in.  I'm sure that was/is a total hassle.  Do the police have any idea who might have done that?   When I called our bank the first time about our fraud, the fraud department advised us to close our accounts and open new ones immediately.   Since it happened on a weekend, we went to the bank first thing the following Monday morning.   They gave us 2 months to get all our direct deposits and automatic payments switched over.   So far, we've been able to change all but one account online and my husband did that one with a phone call.  

If thieves and scammers put their energy into working for their living instead of trying to live off other people, we'd all be thankful.  Some of them have to be pretty smart to come up with some of the scams they do - if that channeled that intelligence into something constructive, they could be quite successful.  

I've been hearing about your weather.  My neighbors will be arriving from OR this evening and they're looking forward to our 80° weather.  

I grew up in South Dakota, plus lived in Iowa for 20 yrs, so I've seen enough snow to last a lifetime, though a fresh, clean dusting of snow can be very pretty.  

Enjoy your week.
Yeah, I should never have listened to the banker. He was so blase about it.

I did weigh this morning, unfortunately after a cup of coffee and a croissant, but it seems like I'm never going to get to the scale before something like that happens, this week. (My loving husband went out at 7 am to buy them, and brought them to me in bed. When someone does that, you eat them and weigh later.) Anyway, I'm up a pound, probably not all coffee and croissant. (Probably a half pound from last week.) I can deal with that, though. Have a good week.

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