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Sunday Weigh in May 16, 2021

Good morning - yes, it really is still morning.  :-)  We're off to a beautiful day with sunshine, a nice breeze, etc.  It's been pretty nice all week and we've been able to open doors and windows to let in the fresh air.  I love it when I can do that.

It's been pretty quiet, but I've also been busy.  I've worked on my calligraphy and painting, plus I attended a board meeting of the calligraphy guild via Zoom.  This afternoon, I'll be attending a class to learn about hosting Zoom classes because we want to start having "hybrid" meetings/classes in the fall in which we'll meet in person, but also conduct the meetings via Zoom so those from other states can continue to join us.  It'll be fun.

We've also been busy watching a lot of baby birds hatch and learn to fly.  So far we're on the second brood of blue birds in a nest box my husband built.  We've had Carolina wrens nesting in a hanging flower basket right outside the back door and yellow bellied woodpeckers nesting on top the pole on which we have our weather vane.  There have been 5 bluebirds that have been born and left the nest and another 5 eggs have been laid, 2 woodpeckers (that we know of) have been born and we've watched them learning to fly.  There were 4 wren eggs and they're all gone now.  We see several wrens flying around, so can only assume some of them are the babies, though they're all similar in size.   We had a nest of House Finches, but something must have happened to it, unless the babies simply became able to fly during our last trip to Las Vegas - the nest was there and parents sitting on it when we left, but empty when we got back.

Anyway, it's interesting to watch all the activity just by looking out the doors/windows.   We've had baby birds before, but never this many broods so close to the house.  

So, I've had enough to stay busy and I feel relatively good, except that I get SO tired and it doesn't seem like any amount of sleep is enough.  At this point, I don't think it's thyroid related, but it's hard to tell.  Anyway, I'm getting by with a short nap after lunch and sometimes going to bed early (as in 9:00 pm).  

Okay - I'm still watching what I eat and try to get in a few minutes of exercise/day.  I haven't weighed this morning, but as of Thursday, I was down 1.4 lbs since last week.  Yay me!!  Let's hope I stay there instead of bouncing back up again.  The weight thing could be a direct result of the recent increase in thyroid hormone medication.  If so, I'll keep it.  :-)

That's me and my saga.  How are you doing?  Were you able to reach your goal(s) for the week?  I look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Now that mask mandates are being lifted, it's even more important to "stay safe and wash your hands" **
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Nice to hear about the birds! I support a bluebird nonprofit here, it does good work. The Western bluebird is suffering from habitat loss from logging and urban spread, and introduced competitors that take away nest sites. The nonprofit helps people put together bluebird trails (groups of bluebird nest boxes about 500 feet apart), and teaches how to manage them (monitor the nests, etc.) It's sad that an animal that used to thrive here needs really active and focused help not to die out, but that is the story of so many animals now as a result of human activity.

I'm down about .4 of a pound. This is going the right direction, just not very fast! lol  I ate lightly last week and had lots of fluids, the trick is not buying the sweet stuff at the grocery store and staying the course.

We discovered this last week that our son's room at the farm is hosting a large mouse family. They apparently moved in after Christmas, since we were there then with the cats for a month and had no evidence of mice. The new residents are talented at eating peanut butter out of the old-fashioned wooden mousetraps without tripping the snap wire, so now we're on to a higher-quality trap with Spam as bait. Part of what they were attracted to in my son's room was an open box of the kind of kitty litter made from wheat -- they even went to the trouble to cache a lot of it in one of his dresser drawers against their day of need. My husband has taken up the challenge a la Bill Murray's character in Caddyshack taking on the gopher. (I just hope he won't have the same results.)

We're looking forward to a stretch of good weather and some work in the garden. Have a great week!

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It sounds like your blue bird nonprofit is a really good thing.  I'm sure a lot of the bluebird habitat here is being destroyed, as well since large areas of trees/forest are being bulldozed down to build more and more homes.  We do have another pair (maybe the same ones??) that have another nest going and we're pretty sure there are more eggs.   It's been quite interesting to watch all birds this spring.

Wow - a large mouse family... one of the few creatures I absolutely dislike the most... lol   I hope your husband is having good luck getting rid of them.
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