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Sunday Weigh in May 27, 2023

Good morning; how is every one doing this morning?  I hope you're having a wonderful, safe Memorial weekend.  It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day, here.  It was supposed to cool down a bit over the weekend but not sure that's going to happen, though it did get cooler overnight than it has been.  I guess we'll take what we get.  

We did get some rain a couple of days this week, which was badly needed and very much appreciated.  We'll take more, whenever Mother Nature chooses to give it to us!!  

My week has been pretty good.  Busy, some days and kind of draggy, other days. We did, finally, have to mow the yard, but it was hard to see where we'd mowed in some places - other places it was real obvious..  :-)

On Thursday, we had a fun Study Group with the calligraphy guild... we learned how to do a process called cyanotype.  A very simplified description is that you paint chemicals on paper (or other medium), place something over the top (like leaves, flowers, etc) and "expose" it in the sun.  The chemicals are then removed in a bath of water.  When it's done the shape of whatever you placed on top of the paper will be "printed" on the paper.  It's a fun thing to do and the results can be used to make cards, wall hangings, signs or almost anything you want and can be combined with calligraphy, painting or other forms of art.  

I'm still trying to watch what I eat and move around more.  I've been having horrible muscle cramps in my feet/legs at night, so I'm only sleeping in 1-2 hr increments as it seems that every time I get comfy and into a deep sleep, the cramps hit and wake me up.  Typically, I have to get out of bed and walk around for several minutes (sometimes up to 30 minutes) before the cramps will ease.  I'm getting them in both feet/legs, but the right one seems to be the worst.  The cramps are excruciating and leave the muscles in my feet/legs very weak and sore.  I've tried several things to remedy the cramps, including adding extra magnesium, thiamine and calcium to supplement regime, putting on ice, rubbing down with Voltaren pain cream, drinking dill pickle juice and eating mustard, along with multiple other things.  Although some things have worked temporarily, nothing has been a permanent "fix".  My doctors all say they have no idea what's causing the cramps, although the doctor who did the EMG to test for the problems in my hands, said it was most likely caused by neuropathy, which I have in, both, my hands and feet.  She said a muscle would probably help to ease the cramps, but I haven't had a chance to ask my doctor about it.   Anyway, because my muscles hurt so badly, it's difficult to do a lot of extra moving around/exercise, though I know I need to and lack of exercise (using the muscles) could be part of the reason for the cramps... catch 22, there.  

All that was a round about way of saying that I'd dropped 3 pounds over the past couple of weeks, but this week, I've picked one of them, back up, so overall, I'm down 2 lbs.

I think I mentioned a couple of months ago that I was planning to increase my thyroid medication by one pill/week and I've been doing that for several weeks.  My resting heart rate has increased from around 52-53 to a little over 60.  I do feel a little more energetic and I think I can credit that (and the extra Vitamin D) for the weight loss.

I'll be leaving on Wednesday to go up north.  My family are having a "sibling reunion".  My oldest siblings are 89 and 87, both with multiple health issues and the other 3 of us are in our 70's (I'm the youngest).  It's important that we take every opportunity to see each other whenever we can.  Anyway, my next couple of days will be spent clearing up things at home, so husband doesn't have to worry about bills, banking, etc and getting things ready to go.

So that's my story.  I hope you've had a good week and were able to meet your goals.  I look forward to hearing about it.  

~~Wishing everyone a safe Holiday weekend and a wonderful, successful week~~

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Barb, that cramping sounds awful. You mentioned magnesium, calcium, etc. but not potassium -- potassium citrate was always my go-to when I would go through a period when I'd get cramps in my legs or feet, and it always worked.

We're having a quiet Memorial Day weekend, visiting my mother and maybe going to a park. My son has his math final next Wednesday, so this is study time. We can take a vacation weekend right after school ends (or a week, or more lol), which is June 15.

I'm on the part of the run-up to a colonoscopy where you're on a "low fiber" diet. I've been eating rice and fish and white bread, so boring! And it feels awfully imbalanced and unhealthy without vegetables and nuts. Can't really find information on whether I can eat a lot of the foods I like, such as high-milkfat vanilla yogurt, and most vegetables are off limits except the tops of asparagus and potatoes without skins. (I wish someone in the colonoscopy biz would put together a web page that allows you to type in a food and see if it's a baddie or a goodie the last week before the procedure. Like, is miso soup good or does it contain a lot of secret fiber? Can I take a teaspoon of olive oil every day to keep things moving through, or is fat a no-no?) I guess they want you to be on a low-fiber diet because the gallon of clear-you-out liquid before the procedure finds low-fiber residuals easier to move on out. But just try having two hard-boiled eggs and a cup of white rice for dinner and see how well your system likes the change. It's a funny combination of stuffed, blocked and feeling like I'm just not getting the right things to eat. I did buy some electrolyte solution to put in my drinks, in case I get dehydrated.  I also had to stop all vitamins and supplements, but since I really do need vitamin D, have been putting the capsules in a cup and melting them with boiling water and drinking it. It's just a weird time, dietarily speaking.

This past week I've lost 1.2 lbs, not because of the wonders of a low-fiber diet but because I don't like the food well enough to eat it. Looking forward to the procedure being over for that reason.

Husband is going to take me to Sunday breakfast. I usually have a couple of eggs and some tomato slices, today it's just going to be a couple of eggs. lol

Have a great week!

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Yeah, the cramps are pretty excruciating and they leave my muscles sore and tender for days.   I used to take potassium for my cramps and you’re right - it worked pretty well, but I’ve had some episodes of potassium imbalance - first, too low, then on supplements that didn’t dissolve in my stomach - yep, came out whole, with the writing still on them.   I was changed to a potassium sparing diuretic and told not to supplement potassium.   I’ve actually, been considering it again, since nothing else is working.  

I’m going to try my TENS unit first and see if that will do anything; otherwise, I’m probably off the vitamin store to try potassium.  I can’t continue only sleeping 2-3 hrs/night.  

Wow - you’re on quite the diet.  I’ve never been told to do anything like your low fiber diet.   The lead up to the final prep is only a couple of days in which I’m told to “eat lightly” and nothing red (because it can look like blood).  The day before the prep is eating things like jello - any flavor that isn’t red, purple or orange (no pudding because of the dairy), beef broth, etc.  Of course, we know what prep day consists of and I can still have jello (yellow or green) and beef broth, coffee, tea, water, etc.   From midnight the night before the procedure, I’m limited to sips of water, only if I “have” to take medication.  I usually just leave those until after the procedure, unless it’s in the afternoon.  

All that said, I can certainly understand how you’d feel like you aren’t eating the right foods - you aren’t.  I’d think you might be able to put a little butter and salt/pepper in your rice, or if you like it sweeter, try some cinnamon and/or nutmeg.  They’ve never told me to eliminate fat until I have to eliminate all solid foods.  I think one of the last solid meals I had prior to my last colonoscopy was an egg, fried in coconut oil with a dash of salt/pepper.  

So far, I’ve always gotten “clean” inside so they haven’t had problems finding the polyps (one was removed twice).   After reading of your diet, I’m wondering if my doctor will have changed protocol since my last procedure.  I’m due for colonoscopy in July, so we’ll see how it goes.  

They’ve always said the prep was a lot worse than the procedure and I’d think yours probably  has been.   I don’t recall the exact date you’re having it, but I know you’ll be glad when it’s over and you can have “real” food again.  

It’s good that you’ve lost 1.2 pounds, but the reason for losing isn’t a good one.  

Hmmm - I’ve never thought of melting Vitamin D caps.  I wonder if the boiling water you pour over them would alter/deactivate it.  Since it’s a gel cap that totally dissolves in the intestines, I wonder if it would be  okay to just take it until a couple of days prior to the procedure.  Also, since you’ve probably been low for a while, maybe you could just wait until after to put it into your schedule?   Since vitamin D is fat soluble (needs fat for absorption), I wonder if it’s doing you much good since you aren’t eating fat right now?   Interesting.  

I’m glad your son is almost finished with this school year.  I bet he’s relieved to have it over with, too and ready for a vacation.  I hope you come up with something fun.  

We went to check out a new “mall” today - I thought it was something like a flea market and in a way it is… it’s quite small “booths”, but all the items are new vs what you’d normally find at a flea market.   It was interesting and of course, I did find a couple of things I couldn’t live without.  :-)  We went to lunch after that.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend as much as you can… :-)

Here's from a website that talks about leg cramps and potassium. (I always took potassium citrate, don't know why.  lol)  Just the fact that there *are* different kinds of potassium salts makes me wonder if you would have had a better result with a different kind.

"Dietary potassium supplements typically contain potassium chloride. However, some contain other potassium salts, such as:

    potassium citrate
    potassium phosphate
    potassium aspartate
    potassium bicarbonate
    potassium gluconate

Since these different salts contain different amounts of potassium, the supplement label may show the amount of pure, or elemental, potassium in the product."

I've also read that potassium is usually well absorbed from food. (Given, of course, that the food is a potassium source.)

Anyway, it almost sounds like anything would be better than the leg cramps. I hope you figure it out.

My HMO doesn't have you do anything the week before the procedure except stop all supplements and meds, begin on the low-fiber diet, and avoid red, orange and blue dyes. It's only the day before that things get really lively. But I've been more careful than in past procedures, in the attempt to not have a really big reaction when the gallons-of-fun day begins. I did actually eat my eggs on a toasted English muffin this morning, which felt more normal, and this evening had potato (without its peel) and boiled chicken. So at least I'm getting protein. I just didn't realize how much green stuff I eat, and how many whole grains. I'm allowed cooked, canned fruit, again as long as it doesn't have peels. Hmm.
I'll do some research into the potassium, again.  I take a drug (for fluid retention), called spironolactone, which is potassium sparing and I've been advised not to take potassium supplements or even eat high potassium foods, such as bananas, potatoes, etc.  I do eat them but in limited amounts.   I know potassium has to be pretty carefully balanced in the body (mine are always well within normal ranges since I've been on the spironolactone).  I'm desperate to get relief from the cramps, but am reluctant to take chances on increasing potassium levels too much, as that can become a life-threatening situation.  As painful as the cramps are, I know they aren't life-threatening.  

Oddly enough, my husband has started getting some cramps in one of his legs the past couple of days, so I'm not sure what's up with that.  Sympathy cramps, maybe??  :-)   We do, both, take a statin drug, which can cause cramps, but our doses are both very low, which isn't supposed to cause cramps.  I have an appointment with my cardiologist after I get back from my vacation and I'm planning to ask him about that.

I don't have an HMO, so am not familiar with a lot of things they advise.    I don't remember that my doctor instructed me to stop supplements, with the exception of calcium, I believe and to avoid red, orange and yes, I believe blue foods/dyes.   I agree that the last day, prior to the procedure is when it gets lively.  I'll be interested in knowing whether the additional prep (low fiber, etc) has an effect on the severity of the reaction to the "gallons-of-fun"...   That seems to get me, no matter how I try to prepare.  

Oh yeah, eggs on a toasted English muffin is good and there can't be that much fiber.  Same with the potato and chicken.    It's good that you're getting the protein.  That will help keep you going until this is over.

Good luck.
Thanks, and good luck with the leg cramps. They sound severe.
I just looked it up, and the spironolactone advisory says definitely *not* to take take it with potassium citrate, meaning don't take my ill-considered advice there! Interestingly, it also listed meds and supplements that if you take with spironolactone you might merely need to adjust the dose, and potassium phosphate is on that second list. This suggests that with a pharmacist or doctor's help, a person could take potassium phosphate (not citrate) along with spironolactone. Not sure why you would, since spironolactone is supposed to do what a potassium supplement would do.  Except that (maybe) in your case the spironolactone is being ineffective at preventing hypokalemia. Good luck figuring it out! Turns out the different forms of potassium are recommended for different things.

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