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Sunday Weigh in May 30, 2021

Good afternoon - yep, it really is afternoon and I'm just getting my Sunday post done.  It's very hot today and I had to get out to the  shop to work on a project.  Getting started early, before it gets really hot makes it easier to continue on during the heat of the day.  Anyway, we have a woodworking contest next week and I'm not finished with my project, so I had to get busy with it.  I'm making a plant stand with curved legs, which is kind of difficult.  Fortunately, the husband can/will help with the parts I need help with.

It's been quiet but busy this past week.  I've had lots of things to do for calligraphy, a newsletter to write for our woodworking club, a class to take and my woodworking project to work on , plus I met a friend for lunch yesterday.  

According to the scale yesterday, I must not have gotten much, if any exercise all week because it showed that I've gained about 3 lbs.  Of course, I suspect it's fluid because I have gotten exercise, plus I've really been trying to cut back on the food I'm eating.  I do know I need to get "more" exercise, but I'm certainly not sedentary, in spite of the time I spend at the computer.

Anyway, I have no choice but to grin and bear the gain and try to do better this coming week.  Husband is talking about trying to go on a cruise this winter (if the cruise ships start running again) and I need to lose at least 20 lbs before I'll even consider it.

So - that's my week.  How have you done?  I hope you've been able to meet whatever goal(s) you set for yourself.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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After losing in the ".2 of a pound" type of increments for a while, I was pleased to get on the scale and find I'm down 1.3 lbs. from last week. It's definitely from not eating sweets, and also not eating such a big dinner most nights. I was grumpy last night to eat so little, but today I'm quite pleased with the results.

Husband and I did a drive today and found a lovely house for sale that's been on the market a week. We're not looking for a new house, but it was really appealing. Called on it and found it's pending already, and has two back-up offers and more people wanted to write offers but they were only taking three. (The housing market is just crazy where we are.) I'm not entirely sorry it was out of the running before we knew there was a running, because so far, we plan to stay where we are for 4 more years. It was encouraging to hear that in our neighborhood houses are selling this fast, hinting that when we do need to sell we might do well (unless the housing bubble bursts). We asked for the name of the builder, in case we might want to copy that exact house out by our farm in the future. (Or just tear down the farmhouse entirely and begin fresh on its foundations. It needs a lot done to it.)

We're having warm weather, too. I guess the East Coast (north of you, Barb) is really catching it storm-wise.

Have a great long weekend!
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