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I am considering abortion because the father left and because I'm going to join the military soon. I was wondering about abortion and what kind of methods to abort the baby? I am only 18 and if my parents find out they will be angry so i can't keep the child. Also i'm in the beginning stages of pregnancy. When should i know to abort the child? I'm new to all this.
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Mistywango, I don't think there is a better way.  The medication induced abortion seems to be what many women are opting for now. Very effective.
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Ah, I'm sorry to hear you are in this tough situation. So, your options are to talk to your doctor about medication they give you at home which will terminate the pregnancy. Only do this under doctors supervision to be safe.  You can also have a surgical abortion done at a clinic that offers this. It can cost around 500 or more dollars but some have sliding fee scales and payment options.  It's a fairly easy procedure and recovery is very fast. Planned parenthood is a good place to check out. And check other clinics near you. Hope it all goes well
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is the surgical abortion better than taking the meds? I heard some pretty awful stories about them.
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