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Can I treat a yeast infection before an abortion?

I have a MA coming up on the 26th of this month. I've been treating a UTI with antibiotics and finish my course on the 23rd.

I believe the antibiotics have given me a yeast infection. Can I go ahead and treat the infection with Monistat 1 on the 23rd after I finish my antibiotic course or will that interfere with my MA?

I'm worried about increasing my risk of infection by leaving it untreated until after my MA appointment. Is it okay to go ahead and treat it or wait until I see what my MA provider says on the 26th?
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I think it's important to call the clinic and ask before you start treating your yeast infection.  Since Monistat 1 is a single treatment, I would think that you'd be fine to use it today or tomorrow.  But, you should call the clinic and let them know.  You don't want to get there on the 26th and find out that they can't do the MA right then because you have had a recent yeast infection, or have used the medication.
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