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Help please

I had a medical abortion yesterday.. alone, and maybe a little past the cutoff. Everything went fine, passed both fetus and placenta with no issues, continued to bleed as expected. Now today, early morning, while wiping in the bathroom I see/feel something coming out of my vagina. Upon inserting my finger, I could feel around the big mass coming from What I assume to be my cervix (tight rubber band feel). I did pull on it a little, was scared to pull to hard as a piece actually tore off the end that what exposed outside my body. No pain, no nothing really.. hours later, after a nap and a thirty min drive, the thing is gone. Gone. My cervix seems to be closing and it all feels normal in there, like it was never there. What that most likely left over tissue or did I just tear a piece of my uterus off? If it’s leftover tissue what signs should I look for? Like I said, there’s no pain, my bleeding hs slowed, I don’t feel like there are any symptoms of any complications.. I know the best option is to go to a dr, but I did this alone for a reason.. and I don’t know how legal it was nor what a dr can tell from looking at my vacated womb Or how to answer questions they may ask to avoid “telling on myself”. I struggle to understand what else could’ve been in there that was that big after passing both fetus and placenta still connected via cord.
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Hi - I can't say for sure what you tore off, but it could have been a piece of the placenta, or just a blood clot, which is normal to pass those.

This describes the process, if you took the meds they describe -


I don't know how "legal" it was, depending on where you live and how far along you were, which you absolutely don't need to share here. You can google it though, if it's safe for you to do that, given browser histories, who sees your computer/phone, and the like.

If you are close to a Planned Parenthood, they won't worry about legalities. They'll just want to make sure you're okay.

If you're not in any pain, if your bleeding has slowed, just watch for signs of infection. If you get a fever, cramping, nausea or vomiting, then you'll need to seek medical attention.

I'm really sorry you had to do this alone, and have to worry about legalities when you should just be worried about your health. Whatever your reasons for doing this, legalities and fears about them shouldn't be a part of it.

Sending you all kinds of gentle hugs and thoughts for healing.
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