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Why does my vagina smell?!?!?

Hi, I'm 18 and my boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and two months ago we finally had sex for the first time the both of us. We used condoms at first but we came to conclude that I get some sort of  allergic reactions, and I get a extremely horrible rash on my inner thighs, back. And face with I get touched by condoms. So we don't use them, and I don't do birth control at all. But when we do have sex he pulls out. But after my period this month I had this fishy smelling urine. And I got surprised because I'm very healthy I don't eat junk food or candy nor drink soda. I drink a gallon if water a day. Not even lying. And I wash myself very well twice a day morning and night. And when I'm home my mother thought me to always rinse your vagina after using the bathroom. This smell is not getting any better and I don't want to have sex until after I'm out the shower, and even then I can smell it, but he doesn't notice it. For the first time yesterday I gave him oral yesterday and his penis had a WAY lighter smell to it then my vagina. And I don't know what to do to help the smell. And help?
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i would deff call your doctor to get it checked out sounds like a yeast infection.. even cleanly people can get them.. even people who over clean can get them.. And even tho youve been with your bf for 4 years it wouldnt hurt for you and him to get checked, just because some things flare up way later and people dont even know they have it. best of luck to you my dear id say drink lots of water but youre already doing that lol
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It might be bacterial vaginosis.  Definitely see your doctor and get swabbed, BV is nothing to ignore, and if it is positive, ask the doc if your boyfriend should be on antibiotics too.  While there, get onto birth control.
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I second AnnieBrooke on the bacterial vaginosis possibility.  Yeast infections aren't associated with a fishy smell, they're associated with "cottage cheese discharge" and insane itching.  You should get it checked out by a doctor.  If you're living at home and don't want to tell your parents, there are teen clinics with sliding scale fees (Planned Parenthood is one, but some hospitals have them as well).

If you have an allergic reaction to latex condoms, you need to be careful about everything else latex (gloves, balloons, etc.).  You should probably get tested for a latex allergy.  It's possible you're allergic to the spermicide in the lube that's on a lot of condoms.  Anyway, even if it is latex, they make polyurethane condoms which are safe for people with latex allergies and still protect against pregnancy and STIs.  They might be a little more expensive, but they're a lot cheaper than having a kid.

Also, douching is a bad idea (rinsing out the inside of the vagina with anything).  It screws with the ability of your vagina to clean itself.  If your mom taught you to rinse off the outside (labia), that's fine, although maybe a bit excessive.
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