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Why does Sex hurt for me?

I'm 18 years old and Female.
I've been sexually active for a few years now so this sex issue is a growing problem.

Having sex didn't use to hurt, but I never felt anything good. It didn't feel like anything to me. It's like touching you're hands, nothing to interesting about that.

About two years ago I began dating my current boyfriend, five months into our relationship we began to have sex. His penis size isn't even measurable. They don't make condoms that fit him, we tried special ordering XXL Magnums online, got them, only to realize they were to small. Which made us realize he's an XXXL Magnum and that they don't make those.

With him, sex really hurts. It's a lot like a cheese grater or fire. It's terribly painful, it took us three tries on three separate occasions to get it all the way in and it's still painful. We've tried all sorts of positions but they all hurt. I don't know what to do anymore.

We went into the doctors together and got tested for any STD's and came out negative. I've had a UTI before but I don't have one now. It hurts a little to pee but not the way a UTI did. I also took a UTI test and came out negative for that. I don't know what this could be. Does anybody know what I might have or what I should do?

(I've never been to a Gyno, and I'm a little terrified at the though. I'm a shy, private person.)
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It seems hard to imagine but size probably has little to do with your issue. If it feels inflamed it probably is, which is why you have burning sensations or irritation. I would see a gynecologist even though you are shy. They are the experts and can test more than a regular doctor can. I know how the first time felt for me but I got through it and the doctors are very understanding. If you are really very shy then find a good female gynecologist in your area. It might make it easier to talk about things with a woman than a male doctor. There is nothing to be afraid of. They can't hurt you. They are there to help us ladies be and stay healthy.  I have a daughter like you though she is older, she has never seen a gynecologist yet. She is trying hard to work and get health insurance for herself. If your parents have you on their insurance I would take advantage of this while your still under 21 and can be seen. Take care and be brave!
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Yes, I would think that it would have something to do with the size. But if you say that befor when you had sex, you never realy felt very much then maybe you havent really felt what youre supposed to.. down there, when you have sex. It could be just the size of him, or it could be you are still smaller there, or the shape (curve) of your vagina, but you wont really know until you see the gyno ;-) Yes, you might feel more comfortable with a female. think about it this way, if you can talk about it with your regular doc... cant you talk about it with your new gyno doc. and if youre not shy enough to..well.. have sex, then im sure it wont be too bad to just try :) when i met my (now) husband i was 18, and also had to face up to it and see the gyno and do all that responcible stuff. We also got pregnant too, so please be careful!! and good job with finding the right sized condoms. birth control along with condoms is always the most sure way, though! 2 methods (just incase one fails!) Im 23 now and everything is good, So dont stress this is just one thing give the Gyno a try and hope everything works out! God Bless and Good Luck :)
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