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13 male gallbladder removed. HELP

My son had his gallbladder removed in Jan 2012. He is 13. It is now March 2012. He has continued to have vomitting, constipation, and dirreha. He also has relfux. CT, X-rays, stool samples, and lab work all comes back negitive. I have had to take him out of school because he continues to have lower adominal pain and it gets worse when you touch his belly. What could be going on with my child??? His gallbladder was functioning at 11% with no gallstones when it was removed but there was alot of scar tissue surrounding it.
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Ask for an MRI of his abdomen and see if any other organs are affected by the scar tissue.
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My mom, aunt and uncle have all had their gall bladders removed. Aside from saying it didn't do much but stop the severe attack pains, they agreed that they can't eat large quantities of food, or a lot of fatty foods now without having stomach symptoms. I guess the gall bladder helps process rich foods. It could be that he is having problems digesting his food. Have you talked to a doctor about making changes to his diet? Or maybe get a recommendation for a nutritionist? I'm sorry for you and your son and I hope he feels better. Good luck!
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