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21 mm gestational sac but no yolk sac visible

I thought I was 8 weeks along.  Last menstrual period was on the 21st of November 2011 and the last date I engaged in activity was on the 16th of December 2011.  When i took a pregnancy test on the 24th of december it read 1-2 weeks pregnant.  

Now its January 27th and I saw the technician do an ultrasound.  They found a 21 mm gestational sac with no yolk sac, or fetal heartbeat it just looked like an empty black hole.  The tech said she wasn't looking at an 8 week gestation.  

she said it looks more like 5 weeks but i think its impossible looking at the date of conception.  my hcg levels are in the 2,000's and my bloods are normal.  

am i pregnant?????

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This is a very tricky situation. Your blood HCG levels indicate a pregnancy which is 5 to 6 weeks old. Pregnancy older than this (7-8 weeks) would
ideally have HCG blood levels between 650 - 229,000 mIU/ml. So in a way the radiologist is right. If by chance you had a sexual activity after Dec 16th, then even though your last periods were in Nov 2011, there is a possibility that you conceived later. If not, what I can suggest is get blood HCG estimated 48 hours apart. If the levels double, then this can be taken as a positive indication that pregnancy can continue forward. A gestational sac diameter of 21 mm with no yolk sac usually indicates a blighted ovum or early fetal death. Hence it is very important to confirm through blood HCG monitoring. Please consult your gynecologist as it is very difficult to access this situation on net.
Take care!
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I am losing hope.  I have been passing gray matter tinged with pink tissue, periodic spotting and red mucus, and brown discharge.  I have to go back to the hospital on february 6, 2012>  This is my third miscarriage in between i had two healthy children so I am lucky.  I was wondering i took prometrium with my two healthy pregnancies and tried to assist this one along with Crinone 8% could the latter drug actually caused the fetal demise at five weeks.  I am scared too death that i have done something wrong.  Years ago I was diagnosed with the MTHFR gene.  could this have played a Part and is there any treatment for this genetic disorder?????

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